Zoe Ball split from ‘boring’ Fatboy Slim to pursue her toyboy lover

She wanted to party while he wanted to stay at home with a cuppa

In a week when the Brangelina split dominated the news, it was another celebrity marriage break-up that raised the eyebrows more.

TV and radio presenter Zoe Ball and superstar DJ Norman Cook, who has sold millions of records as his alter ego Fatboy Slim, have always seemed the model couple.

It seems that there was trouble in this paradise too and boozing and sex was at the heart of their marriage break-up.

It turns out that 45-year-old Zoe, wanted to pursue her toyboy lover, while 53-year-old Norman wanted a quieter life at home.

Norman is apparently devastated by Zoe’s desires and a source close to the couple has spoken out to the Sun on Sunday.

They said: “Zoe is in a different place, she wants to go out and have fun, not sit with a cup of tea on the sofa.”

This has left the pair at loggerheads and seems to be the reason behind their parting of the ways.

The source continued: “There have been a series of arguments, all over the same issue — Zoe wants to go out and have fun, and Norman would rather stay at home.

“His sobriety was incredibly hard-won and he doesn’t want to compromise it.”

“Despite being previously tee-total, she loves a party and will get stuck into a night out.

“Recently they’ve struggled to reconcile their different attitudes and it’s caused a lot of tension.”

It seems that Zoe turning back to the bottle is one of the reasons why tensions have increased.

The source added: “There was a row about her drinking and it all came out then.

“Zoe is supposed to be dry but she has been going out drinking more and more with girlfriends.”

There has been unease ever since Zoe was pictured kissing a boy band member half her age.

At the time, Zoe said the kiss at the It Takes Two wrap party was a “meaningless mistake”, but it might have fuelled her desire for a good time.

It is the impact that this has on their children, Woody, 16, and Nelly, six, that has riled Norman.

A source told The Sun at the time: “Norman isn’t worried about Zoe cheating – he’s just furious about the impact this could have on the family.

“It’s embarrassing seeing Zoe snogging some young guy. Their teenage son is bound to get stick about it.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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