Granny with UK’s biggest boobs undergoes another extreme makeover

Will she ever stop?

The woman with the biggest boobs in the UK has managed to shrink her waist to just 24 inches after wearing a rib-crushing corset for 12 hours per day.

All we can say is, ouch!

Sharon Perkins, 50, from Coventry, West Midlands, swapped her 34D breasts for 32MM implants after forking out £10k but that wasn’t enough for the body obsessed granny.

But she’s not stopping there, she wants an even smaller waist with her goal being a tiny 22-inches, in time for her wedding in September 2017.

Inspired by Jessica Rabbit, Sharon is often seen wearing a tight red long dress, push up bras and a corset to enhance her figure.

After spending a huge chunk of divorce cash on the half-a-stone implants, which needed to be specially imported from the US, the mum-of-three has also lost three stone in three months.

Sharon insists her fiancé, Carl Hamilton, 50, can’t get enough of her body and says it’s brought the pair closer together.

With a bust that big, they can’t have become that close…

Sharon, a part-time glamour model said: “I love my big boobs more than anything and now I have the perfect tiny waist to go with them.

“I love Jessica Rabbit’s figure, who wouldn’t want huge knockers and a small waist.

“I wear my corset for 12 hours a day, it can be really painful at times but as they say, no pain, no gain.

“I want not only the biggest boobs in the UK, but I want the smallest waist to boob ratio too.

“I can’t believe the difference I’ve seen in three months, I’ve lost three stone too, the results have been amazing.

“It is hard to move around and get comfortable but it’s definitely been more than worth it, when I have my mind set on something I’m determined to make it happen.”

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She continued: “I feel more confident now and definitely sexier, I love wearing clothes that flaunt off my new 24 inch waist.

“Carl can easily wrap his hands around me now to feel his ‘best friends,’ they definitely catch the public’s attention too.

“I can’t wait to marry Carl next year, but I won’t get married unless I’ve reached my goal – a 22 inch waist, so that my body looks the best possible for our big day.”

While Sharon’s ex-husband spent some of his divorce settlement on a new car Sharon couldn’t wait to get new boobs, something she had always dreamt of doing but never had the spare cash for.

After receiving £33,000 Sharon spent £4,500 on her first surgery which took her 34D chest to a 36H.

Within six months Sharon and Carl, who buys and sells antiques, agreed she should go even bigger and after forking out another £5,500, Sharon was left with gigantic 32MM boobs which contain 1,500cc or 2.6 pints of silicone each.

Now she plans to have bigger implants with the goal of having the biggest boob to smallest waist ratio in the world.

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Sharon adds: “When I had my implants I loved how they transformed my body, but now it’s just not enough.

“I’d like to double my chest size again and have a 22 inch waist.

“Implants are a walk in the park compared to waist training, I have to be incredibly strict and determined to wear corsets for 12 hours every day.

“I get asked a lot if my boobs make my back hurt or if they’re heavy but I’ve not had any pain, I guess my body had adapted and got used to them.

“The response I’ve had from strangers had been great, people often ask me to feel them and I don’t mind at all and I always see people staring.

“They feel really soft and natural, while being firm and perky at the same time.”

Sharon, a former office administrator, vows to never go back to her old life which she claims was mundane and boring.

Sharon said: “I used to live day to day in the same old routine and was one of the crowd.

“As I was getting older my breasts were getting softer and droopier and I longed for perkier, firmer boobs.

“Now I stand out and everything about my life is different and exciting, I have a new lease of life and my new look has done wonders for my sex life.

“I can’t wait to get even bigger boobs, I just need to find the surgeon to do it.

“I would recommend implants and waist training to anyone who’s unhappy, they’ve both been worth every penny and ounce of pain.”

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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