Mom arrested for having sex with her 25-year-old son

Mom, 45 amd son both face incest charges over shock allegations

A 44-year-old mum has shockingly been arrested for having sex with her married 25-year-old son.

Now Melissa Kitchens and son, Shaun Thomas Pfeiffer, each face a felony charge of incest.

Kitchens, form North Carolina, was arrested on September 7 and her son was arrested one day later.

According to arrest documents, the mother and son had sex in August.

Self-employed Pfeiffer also faces charges of indecent liberties with a child, communicating threats and being intoxicated and disruptive.

According to his Facebook page he is the father of a toddler son and appears to live with both his mom and wife Shannon Roman in Asheville.

As recently as last month he appears to have posted a photo of his mom online.

In one comment of a picture with Pfeiffer and his son, his mother wrote: ‘Can’t get over how handsome you are’.

She also hinted to family drama in the long comment.

‘Just trying To Brighten The Mood—- Things are Very Stressful and I Love You and I Respect Any Decision— As Long as your Happy and Safe………. I miss you& wish I had more time w you…… Your Very Valuable and Hopefully The Stresses—- Will get better,’ she wrote.

Shannon Roman, Pfeiffer’s wife, also took to Facebook last month, sharing a post that said: ‘When you truly care for someone, their mistakes never change your feelings because it’s the mind that gets angry but the heart still cares.’

According to the Buncombe County Jail’s website, Pfeiffer is being held on $70,500 bail and Kitchens is being held on $30,000.

Pfeiffer’s next court date is scheduled for September 30. Kitchens’ court date is September 29.

Incest in North Carolina carries a sentence of between 10-41 months in prison.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor