This Morning: Phillip and Holly BLAST 50 stone woman for wanting children

The daytime TV hosts call her out for being irresponsible

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This Morning presenters Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby were disgusted with an extraordinary guest on the daytime ITV show.

Monica Riley weighs in at 50 stone and is aiming to become the world’s fattest woman.

With her partner Sid feeding her through a funnel, she is focused on her goal of reaching 71 stone, to claim the record.

Despite this obsession, there was another revelation that got Holly and Phillip riled.

Monica wants to start a family!

This idea seemed to be too much for Holly and Phillip who condemned her for wanting a baby.

They labelled Monica irresponsible as she ate herself to an early grave.

Quizzing the extreme feeder, Phillip asked as to how the couple could possibly look after a child, with the lifestyle that they have.

Monica was unbowed and confirmed: “Yes, we would like to have children.

“I think I would lose weight, I wouldn’t get down to super thin but just to have a baby then yes.”

Phil probed the couple, asking: “How would you possibly look after a child?”

They were full of answers, replying: “We could hire a nanny, that is no big deal.”

Phillip was having none of it though, as he slammed the pair for considering this idea: “You are limiting your life at that size.

“Isn’t it irresponsible to have a child and be that big?”

The interview started getting a bit awkward from then on (if it wasn’t already).

Monica hit back saying: “No I don’t think it is.”

Monica even went as far as saying that she found Sid feeding her through a funnel sexually arousing!

She admitted: “Yeah for me it is. I just like the rush of it. It’s kind of like, an eating competition.”

The Texan feeder then revealed some ultimate relationship goals by saying that she is looking forward to being totally dependent on Sid.

They are funding their lifestyle by posting feeding videos online, which seem to be getting plenty of views.

It must be love though as Sid revealed: “It’s like hugging a big pillow who wouldn’t love that?

“I have loads of men messaging me every day saying you are so lucky.”

Lucky may not be the word that springs to our mind but each to their own.

Nancy Brown
Associate Editor