OUTRAGE as four-year-old starts SEX CHANGE transition

The toddler is still a year away from starting nursery...

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Psychologists are horrified with the news that a four-year-old child has begun a sex change transition, claiming it is far too young.

But the parents see no problem with it.

The child  – that is unidentified for privacy purposes – is part of the Safe Schools program and hopes to complete the gender transition in a years time.

Safe Schools is a resource that can be used to support the family, student and schools to accommodate a child going through a transition.

The Education Department would not reveal whether the child was born a boy or girl.

A child psychologist told The Daily Telegraph: “There is a huge difference between dress-ups and a child believing with every fibre of their being they are in the wrong body.”

The case comes following the explosion in the number of young children, of both sexes, considering sex changes – with the youngest being just three years old.

Education Department’s deputy secretary of school operations Gregory Prior said: “We have a number of students who are going through gender transition in our schools.

“The youngest is a three-year-old at the moment.”

As well as this, 250 children have made appointments with the gender dysphoria unit at Melbourne’s Royal Children Hospital.

But just 10 years ago, the unit had only one patient on record.

A Transgender advocate warned mistakes could be made if proper checks are not carried out.

She said: “I would have thought four is pretty young for any policy support.

“In my experience, kids with strong cross-gender identification tend to get it right.

“However, I can understand there would be caution on the part of the department and medical practitioners on making any irreversible decisions at that stage.”

Clinical psychologist Rose Cantali agreed, he added: “I would be very hesitant and other psychologists would say the same. Everything is developmental at that age.”

People at home were furious, and took to Twitter to share their views.

One wrote: “How is a 4 year old going to get a sex change? I wanted to be a dolphin when I was a kid did my mum put me under surgery to become one, no”.

Another wrote: “How can you consent to a sex change before you can consent to sex?”

One also added: “This is legalized child abuse!”

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor

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