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Fern Britton’s Brother Jasper Stars in Apple TV+ Drama Hijack

How did we not know this until now?

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Fern Britton has amazed fans by revealing her brother is a famous actor, who is currently starring in one of the hottest shows on TV at the moment.

And we had NO idea!

The former TV presenter-turned-author rarely appears on TV nowadays, but luckily her younger brother is carrying the showbiz mantle forward!

Here’s everything you need to know about Fern Britton‘s actor brother!

Jasper Britton as Terry in Hijack
Jasper Britton as Terry in Hijack (Credit: Apple TV+)

Who is Fern Britton’s brother?

Fern Britton name-dropped her bro on Twitter this week, leaving many of her fans wondering how they didn’t know this crucial fact about her… Including us!

Late on Tuesday, July 04, 2023, Fern told fans she was about to watch Hijack on Apple TV+ – and revealed the thrilling series stars her very own brother Jasper Britton!

The 65-year-old told her 145,000 followers: “I’m off to bed to catch episode 3 of Hijack! The Apple TV+ drama starring my brother Jasper Britton with some bloke called Idris Elba. Night night.”

Of course, this sent hundreds of us googling Jasper! Fern’s brother plays villain Terry in the tense seven-episode series. He’s the one in the loud shirt, who pretends to befriend some young schoolgirls on the plane, until we discover he’s very much with the bad guys.

What has Jasper Britton been in?

London-born Jasper Britton, 60, has been acting since 1977! He first appeared on our screens in the TV movie The Ballad of Salomon Pavey.

He’s since become an accomplished star of film, TV and stage. However, he is most famous for his theatre career, especially his relationship with the Royal Shakespeare Company. He also replaced Eddie Izzard in the title role in Brian Cox’s 1995 Richard III, where he received excellent reviews.

On TV, Jasper played My Dad’s the Prime Minister. As a jobbing actor, he’s also popped up in the likes of Midsomer Murders, Blackbeard, The Royal, Murder in Mind, Heartbeat, The Bill and Casualty.

Jasper Britton as Terry in Hijack
Who knew that Hijack star Jasper Britton was Fern Britton’s younger brother? (Credit: Apple TV+)

How are Fern Britton and Jasper related?

Jasper Britton is the only son of the actor Tony Britton and his second wife, the Danish sculptor Eva Castle Britton (née Skytte Birkefeldt). His half-sisters are the television presenter Fern Britton and her older sister, the scriptwriter Cherry Britton.

Fern has spoken openly about the strained relationship between her father’s second family. She barely knew her dad Tony Britton when she was growing up. Her parents had officially separated before she was even conceived.

Jasper is Tony’s son with his second wife. Speaking in 2019, she revealed that, throughout her children, no one told Fern of half-brother Jasper’s existence.

She said: “To this day, I can’t explain why. It was my parents’ business, not mine, but they never felt able to tell me their reasons.”

At 18, Fern turned up at her father’s house and met her half -brother for the first time. Jasper was 14 at the time. She says: “He opened the front door and his first words to me were, ‘I’ve had to scrub myself with Vim to meet you’. It made us both laugh and we’ve got on from that day to this.”

How did fans react to the big reveal?

After Fern made the shock revelation, her fans were quick to share their surprise. One tweeted back: “Oh my goodness, I never knew that… I didn’t join the dots. I’m going to watch that tonight on the recommendation of the morning crew @RadioX. Enjoy.”

Another added: “Wow Fern, I didn’t know that. I’ll watch it now.”

A third wrote: “Ooooh famous brother!!!”

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Hijack episodes 1 to 3 are currently available to watch on Apple TV+. New episodes drop every Wednesday.

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