Was Harry's penis real in And Just Like That?

Harry’s unexpected scene in ‘And Just Like That…’ stuns fans

It was VERY hard to miss

Harry in And Just Like That… did something no fan expected in episode 8.

And now fans are all asking the same question after that shocking moment.

Is Harry’s penis real?

Yes, the Sex And The City sequel actually went where few shows – except the likes of Adam Demos in Sex/Life dare to go.

Was Harry's penis real in And Just Like That?
Charlotte was caught in a compromising position with Harry’s penis (Credit: Sky)

What happened to Harry in And Just Like That…?

In last night’s episode (Thursday, January 20), Charlotte (Kristin Davis) Harry (Evan Handler) to wear a fitness ring.

This was in light of the death of Mr Big, with Charlotte wanting to make sure Harry’s heart could be monitored.

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Harry agreed to wear the ring only if Charlotte got down on one knee and “asked properly”.

And while she was down there she offered to service her husband and… let’s just say she got more than an eyeful, as did viewers.

Cringe levels went off the charts when Charlotte and Harry’s daughter Lily walked in on them.

How did viewers react to the scene?

Viewers were in shock when they saw the – rather large, it has to be said – appendage.

One exclaimed: “OMG did we seriously just see Harry’s massive [bleep]????? #andjustlikethat.”

Another said: “I will never look at Harry the same way again #IYKYK #AndJustLikeThat.”

A third added: “And just like that, Harry was completely exposed [facepalm emoji].

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“Can never get that image out my head now #AndJustLikeThat [question face emoji, cry-laugh emoji].”

Finally another viewer joked: “Just watched #AndJustLikeThat ep8 – Harry’s penis didn’t even get a mention in the closing credits.

“And it was such a large part… #youstillblowharry.”



Was Harry's penis real in And Just Like That?
Evan remained coy on the matter (Credit: SplashNews.com)

What did actor Evan Handler say about the… incident?

After the shock of seeing Harry’s hose onscreen, the question viewers then asked was whether it was real or prosthetic.


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Another said: “@EvanHandler just having my morning coffee watching And just like that. And my coffee went everywhere Harry’s got a pretty impressive prosthetic.”

Actor Evan was playing it coy, but his Instagram profile reads: “Highbrow/lowbrow sometimes nudist television star.”

And on Twitter he showed a discussion on social media with one user asking if his penis was real.

He quote-tweeted and said: “A common topic of discussion back in my single years.”

The meaty mystery continues…

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