Emily Andre smiling standing in front of pink balloons

Emily Andre looks ‘incredible’ as she wears crop top in new video with baby Arabella

Peter Andre's wife gave birth six weeks ago

Emily Andre only gave birth to baby Arabella six weeks ago and she’s already out and about and looking “insane”, according to fans.

The doctor, who is married to singer Peter Andre, posted a video of herself and her newest little girl going for a walk in the sunshine to highlight Mental Health Awareness Week.

But all anyone could comment on was how Emily looks “so fantastic so soon” after giving birth.

Emily Andre smiling standing in front of pink balloons
Emily is a mum of three (Credit: Splash News)

Emily Andre shares new clip with baby girl

The mum of three can be seen putting Arabella into her buggy before heading off on a sun-kissed walk.

In the clip, Emily is wearing what appears to be a jumpsuit, pulled in at the waist, with a crop top over-layer.

“This week is Mental Health Awareness Week, with a theme of #momentsformovement,” she posted.

“Regular physical activity is so important to maintain our mental health, along with all the physical benefits. Exercise releases endorphins, helping us to feel good about ourselves, sleep better and improving self esteem.

HOW!! How have you just had a baby? You look insane.

“For me, going for a walk every day after giving birth has been so important for my well-being. Especially not being able to drive during my recovery, getting myself out of the house by going for a walk has made such a difference. In the early days I only managed a few minutes walking very slowly, and I felt so proud of myself!

“Mental health awareness week is a great reminder to try and fit some physical activity into your day, whatever you can manage, and help protect your mental health.”

‘You look incredible’

Followers were quick to comment on how stunning Emily looked after welcoming Arabella at the start of April.

“You just look incredible! Popped a baby out and off you go,” said one.

Another added: “How can you look so fantastic so soon after having your baby. You are soooo beautiful and just incredible.”

A third commented: “Oh my goodness I didn’t look like that I looked a dripping mess which did affect my mental health.”

Another commented: “Wow how do you look so good postpartum? Amazing.” “You look amazing. Can’t believe you just had a baby – you are such a beauty. Pete is a lucky guy to have you,” said another.

“HOW!! How have you just had a baby? You look insane,” another agreed.

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