Coronation Street spoilers including Abi, Carla and Roy

11 Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Abi’s nightmare week, danger for Roy, and bad news for lonely Carla

Who is behind Abi's torment?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal a nightmare for Abi, bad news for Carla, and danger for Roy in prison.

Here are 11 HUGE Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

Coronation Street: Furious Abi visits the production company
Furious Abi’s on the warpath (Credit: ITV)

1. Abi goes to war over Corey’s documentary

Abi is horrified when she switches on the television and catches the presenter singing the praises of murderer Corey Brent and admiring his football skills.

She watches in shock, and Kevin is forced to reveal that the man who killed Abi’s son Seb is playing for the prison football team.

Coronation Street: Furious Abi visits the production company with Nina the woman looks unbothered
Abi and Nina want answers! (Credit: ITV)

When Abi’s watched the whole documentary, painting Corey as a hero, she’s fuming. Filled with rage, Abi and Nina march off to the TV company responsible for making the programme and barge into the producer’s office, demanding answers.

Will Abi get what she wants?

Kit and Bernie share a fierce look in Coronation Street
Bernie comes face to face with Kit, again (Credit: ITV)

2. Bernie gets a birthday surprise!

Upset, Bernie tells Dev that today would have been the birthday of her secret son, Zodiac.

So she’s already feeling emotional when she heads off for Paul’s feeding tube operation and discovers her car being towed away. And when she spots Kit nearby she’s absolutely convinced he’s got it in for her, and he’s to blame!

Corrie's Bernie looks surprised when Craig and the other police wish Kit a happy birthday
Craig’s got a cake for birthday boy Kit (Credit: ITV)

Bernie soon heads off to the police station to make a complaint.

And she’s left reeling in shock when she clocks Craig and his colleagues appear with a cake for Kit,  because it’s his 31st birthday today!

Will Bernie reveal that she finally knows the truth?

Corrie's Bernie looks surprised when Craig and the other police wish Kit a happy birthday
Bernie suddenly understands that Kit is Zodiac (Credit: ITV)

3. Gary lies to Maria in Coronation Street spoilers

Maria is shocked to find £10,000 missing from the Windass family bank account and confronts husband Gary about the dosh.

Maria in Coronation Street looks worried as she talks to Gary
Maria finds money missing from the joint account (Credit: ITV)

Gary tells her he had to buy a new boiler for the factory – but we all know he’s not telling the truth…

Gary lies as he talks to Maria in Corrie
Gary makes out he had to buy a new boiler

4. Simon needs his mum

With Leanne not contactable, Nick and Toyah are in despair after Simon’s antics the night before. While Simon himself is hungover and admits he can’t remember anything about what he got up to.

Nick explains to Rowan that there was an incident involving Simon and they need to speak to Leanne urgently.

But Rowan’s dismissive, which annoys Nick. Later, Rowan tracks Simon down and suggests they chat because he knows what’s it’s like to drift through life without any real direction.

Is Simon going to be Rowan’s next victim?

Simon and Rowan in Corrie smile at each other
Rowan wants to talk to Simon (Credit: ITV)

5. Abi gets a visit from an old friend

When Nina and Abi check the Gazette website they’re pleased to see lots of supportive comments and even more chuffed to discover a petition has been started to demand the documentary about Corey is scrapped.

Coronation Street: Dean leans on a van and looks threateningly at Abi
Dean shows up at the garage (Credit: ITV)

But Abi gets a shock when her old drug dealer Dean calls in at the garage. He says he has hit a bad patch and he needs her help – but Abi sends him packing as Cassie watches.

Abi threatens Dean at the garage in Corrie
What does Dean want from Abi? (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, in the office, Tyrone opens an email and is shocked by what he sees.

He tells Abi he’s got some shocking news for her.

Coronation Street: Cassie looks concerned as Abi smiles
Cassie watches as Abi sends Dean packing (Credit: ITV)

6. Coronation Street spoilers: Roy and Roscoe

Nina’s worried about Roy and tells Stu she’s concerned because he won’t speak to anyone or leave his cell.

Roy in Coronation Street places chess alone in his prison cell
Roy won’t leave his cell (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile, at the prison, another inmate, Roscoe, enters Roy’s cell. Roy’s frightened and leaps to his feet, sending his chessboard flying.

Coronation Street: Roy looks uncomfortable as fellow inmate Roscoe tries to talk to him about chess
Roy is startled by Roscoe (Credit: ITV)

Roscoe is amused as he tries to talk to his fellow prisoner. But what does he want from Roy?

Coronation Street: Roy looks uncomfortable as fellow inmate Roscoe tries to talk to him about chess
Roscoe tries to talk to Roy (Credit: ITV)

7. Simon’s packing his bags

Simon’s getting ready to leave for his retreat, but Nick and Toyah are desperately trying to talk him out of going.

In desperation, Nick calls Peter and asks him to help.

Simon Barlow in Corrie looks anxious with Toyah
Toyah wants Simon to stay (Credit: ITV)

When Toyah comes home, she finds Simon packing his bags. But he announces he’s not going to the retreat after all – Peter’s offered him a job on the yacht!

8. Carla gets a shock

With all this talk of Peter, Carla admits to Sarah that she’s missing her husband. But when Simon sits down with her later and shows her some photos of the yacht, Carla gets a shock.

Coronation Street: Carla and Simon look at photos on his phone in the cafe, she looks taken aback.
Simon shows Carla some photos (Credit: ITV)

She spots a picture of Peter with his arm round another woman! Has Mr Barlow moved on?

9. Look who’s back in Coronation Street spoilers!

Roy’s despair lifts a tiny bit when Evelyn suggests they start a book club while he’s in prison.

He’s pleased to have something to look forward to.

But it’s not long before evil Griff arrives in Weatherfield prison, telling the guard he’s glad to be back.

Is he going to be pleased to see Roy – the man everyone thinks murdered his mate Reece’s daughter?

Griff looks menacing in prison in Coronation Street
Griff’s in Weatherfield nick (Credit: ITV)

10. Gemma and Linda in Coronation Street spoilers

Joseph’s invited some friends from school round so Gemma is determined to get the house looking shipshape.

She doesn’t want Joseph’s posh friends to look down on her.

But when Linda reveals she’s booked a table at the Bistro and is treating the kids to tea in order to save the stress, Gemma’s hurt.

Coronation Street: Gemma and Bernie look upset talking to Joseph and Linda
Gemma’s insulted (Credit: ITV)

11. Abi attacks Dean!

Abi’s horrified when she realises the sex video bas been uploaded to other websites.

Meanwhile, Cassie stirs the pot when she lets slip to Kevin that she saw Abi arguing with drug dealer Dean shortly before the video was released and that she overheard her arranging to give him some cash.

Furious Abi goes to meet Dean, brandishing a wrench and accusing him of being the one to upload the video.

He tells her he doesn’t know what she’s talking about, but Abi doesn’t believe him.

Coronation Street: Abi threatens Dean with a wrench, pinning him against the wall
Abi threatens Dean (Credit: ITV)

Kev arrives in the nick of time and gets Abi to drop the wrench and Dean’s taken in for questioning.

Later, Abi learns more videos have been uploaded, and when she studies them she realises they’re not her – they’re all deep fakes!

What can she do about this? And who is behind it?

Coronation Street: Abi threatens Dean with a wrench, pinning him against the wall as Kevin pulls her back
Kevin arrives just in the nick of time (Credit: ITV)

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