Corey Brent and Abi Webster

Coronation Street villain Corey Brent: What he did to Seb and whether he is returning to Weatherfield

He's back to make Abi's life a misery!

Coronation Street villain Corey Brent rears his head again this week, upsetting Abi and Nina who are both devastated to find out what the murderer is up to now.

So who was Corey Brent and what did he do?

Asha and Corey started a romance (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street villain Corey Brent Corey first arrived on Coronation Street as a pupil at Weatherfield High, who’d caught the eye of Asha Alahan.

Their romance didn’t get off to the best start because Corey actually fancied Asha’s mate, Amy, but eventually they got together.

Sadly for Asha, her relationship with Corey coincided with her body image problems. So when he convinced her to undress during an online chat, the vulnerable teen agreed – only to find her pics spread around Weatherfield and even uploaded on a porn site.

Corey brought trouble with him to Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Forgive and forget?

Asha eventually forgave Corey and they rekindled their romance – much to Asha’s dad Dev’s disgust.

There was a bit of to-ing and fro-ing as Asha explored her sexuality and started a romance with Nina Lucas, but she eventually decided Corey was the one for her.

They moved in together, but it was clear they weren’t exactly love’s young dream.

Corey attacked Seb (Credit: ITV)


In May 2021, Corey and a group of friends attacked Nina and her fiancé Seb Franklin. Both victims were badly injured but while Nina recovered, Seb died.

Nina, and Seb’s mum Abi were devastated and struggled to get over the tragic death.

Meanwhile, Corey – who was a promising footballer playing for Weatherfield County – blamed Kelly Neelan for the crime.

When he was charged with murder alongside Kelly, Corey managed to play the victim and his dad bribed the jury to let him off.

He even made out he was a victim of a smear campaign to get sympathy from the public.

Corey played the victim (Credit: ITV)

Horror-nation Street

At Halloween in 2021, a desperate Abi held Corey at gunpoint when they were both trapped down a sinkhole. She forced a confession out of him, before they were rescued by Roy and Corey got away.

But eventually, he and his dad were cornered by Gary Windass, who took them to the police station.

Corey was charged with murder and pleaded guilty.

He’s currently banged up – but he’s about to make another appearance on Coronation Street!

Coronation Street: Furious Abi visits the production company
Abi is furious about the documentary (Credit: ITV)

Telly shock!

In tonight’s episode, viewers saw Kevin Webster – Abi’s husband – stumble on the news that Corey will be featured in a documentary about football in prison.

Shocked, he went straight over to see his ex-wife Sally, who’s also Abi’s best friend, to ask her advice.

But Kev’s still not told Abi – instead, he’s fretting about what to do for the best.

But of course we know that Abi’s going to find out when she accidentally spots the documentary on television in next week’s episodes.

Is Corey Brent returning to Coronation Street?

With Corey safely behind bars for his crimes, it’s safe to say he won’t be returning to Weatherfield any time soon.

And Maximus Evans, who played the young killer, won’t be reprising his role as Corey. The talented actor has gone to study acting and is busy elsewhere.

But that doesn’t mean that Corey’s presence isn’t still hanging heavily over Nina and Abi, who take drastic action to force the documentary makers to take their film off the air.

Will they succeed? And will there be repercussions for the determined pair?

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