Steve Coogan famous exes

Steve Coogan’s love life and net worth explored: From famous exes to current status

Alan Partridge star has been linked to many famous faces!

Steve Coogan is an award-winning comedian and actor.

He’s famous for his mega popular comedy show I’m Alan Partridge and for his series The Trip with Rob Brydon.

Steve, 55, is said to be worth millions, and he’s also dated some very famous women.

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So just who has he dated? And is he still married? And what is Steve Coogan’s total net worth?

We take a look at Steve’s dating life and rumoured wealth below…

Steve Coogan with his daughter Clare
Steve Coogan with his daughter Clare (Credit: SplashNews)

Is Steve Coogan married?

Steve Coogan is not currently married. However, he was previously married to Caroline Hickman from 2002 to 2005.

She is a British socialite and from a well-to-do family. They didn’t have any children together.

Does Steve Coogan have children?

Yes, Steve Coogan has a daughter called Clare. As of now she is his only child.

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Clare was conceived during Steve’s four-year relationship with solicitor Anna Cole.

Is Steve Coogan dating Melanie Sykes?

Not any more. Steve and Melanie are reported to have quietly dated for much of 2019.

However, sources say Melanie, 50, ended things when she realised the funnyman apparently wasn’t interested in settling down.

shop well for the plane Melanie Sykes
Melanie and Steve are said to have dated for almost a year (Credit: SplashNews)

A source told The Sun: “She had a great time but also feared he might be more interested in staying single and acting like a playboy in the long-term.

“She found some of his behaviour a bit selfish, and like a bloke who was used to being on his own and a bit set in his ways.”

Melanie has gone on to enjoy a romance with an Italian gondolier, Riccardo Simionato, aged 23.

When did Steve Coogan date Courtney Love?

Steve and Courtney appear to have dated in 2005. Both sides have described their time together as a fling and nothing serious.

Shortly before entering rehab that year Courtney said she was pregnant with Steve Coogan’s baby. However, her representatives went on to deny that this was accurate.

Courtney Love on Steve Coogan
Courtney slammed Steve on an Instagram post (Credit: SplashNews)

In January Courtney wrote of how taking crack, her song America’s Sweetheart and dating Steve Coogan were her greatest shames in life.

Her social media rant included: “A happy Australian cruising around, Australia… “America’s Sweetheart“ having her revenge, on, Melbourne? AMAZING! Maybe one day I won’t hate that record. It has some good songs.

“But like Steve Coogan, or crack, it’s one of my life’s great shames.”

Who else has Steve dated?

Steve has been linked to many other famous ladies! These reportedly include the likes of Daisy Lewis, Laura Hajek, China Chow, Loretta Bassey and Nancy Sorrell.

Steve Coogan at a film premiere
Steve’s current dating status is unconfirmed (Credit: SplashNews)

But it is not confirmed who or if Steve is dating now.

How much is Steve Coogan worth?

Millions! Yes, according to CelebrityNetWorth, Steve is worth at least $25 million.

By the current exchange rate, that is around £17.6 million.

Why is Piers Morgan criticising Steve Coogan?

Piers lashed out at Steve this week over ratings for the latest series of This Time with Alan Partridge.

Taking to his Mail Online diary, Piers claimed: “Talking of death, ratings for Steve Coogan’s criminally unfunny This Time are collapsing faster than David Cameron’s reputation, and the pressure seems to be getting to him.

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“Press-loathing Coogan recently appeared on ITV’s Peston from a grim-looking motel room, from where he ranted and raved like a gibbering lunatic about journalists, including me, until he got shut off.

“He’s become his own Alan Partridge character – a fading, deluded narcissist whose erratic behaviour is now increasingly ‘problematic’ and whose career has gone from ‘A-ha!’ To ‘Aaaaagggghhhh.’”

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Nancy Brown
Associate Editor