Olly Alexander, Sue Radford, and Joe Swash have probably had better weeks

7 celebs having a far worse week than us – from Olly Alexander to Sue Radford and Joe Swash

That was the week that was for these celebs

What a week! And for some of these famous celebs types – including Olly Alexander – it has likely been seven days they may rather forget.

Here’s why they may be looking to draw a line and move on from this most recent bit of May 2024.

Josie Gibson looks surprised
Josie Gibson said bye-bye to a piece of her insides! (Credit: YouTube)

Celebs having a far worse week than us: Josie Gibson

… or rather, maybe Josie Gibson‘s tonsils. Josie herself may be pleased her lymphoid organs have been “vaporised” (very dramatic… could they not just be ‘removed’, with lashing of ice cream then applied to the back of the gob?).

But, nonetheless, she still had to spend time in a clinic. And that’s no fun, even if the procedure was speedy. Plus, we all had to suffer the Insta image of the grim-looking tech that has dissipated her body part while she waited.

Olly Alexander

Ah dear, Olly – where did it all go wrong with Eurovision? Was the presentation of Dizzy – featuring a grubby toilet aesthetic only Mrs Hitch could love – too much? Was Olly not on top form when it came to his vocals? Or maybe he was ‘sabotaged’? All that can be completely confirmed is that, with naff all points from viewers (but 46 from judges), Olly wasn’t even in the race.

It had all started so well with the announcement of his participation back during the Strictly final. But as Strictly finalists sometimes discover, it doesn’t matter if the judges like you…

Sue and Noel Radford

The Radfords come in for online abuse and trolling every day – and mum Sue has just about had enough.

The 22 Kids and Counting star took to her Instagram Stories to slap down some cheeky soul who pondered the TV fave’s tax affairs!

Sue fumed on Insta: “I wonder if [user’s name] is a high-rate taxpayer or if [user’s name] pays tax at all? Maybe he’s a bit [bleep]ed he doesn’t own a motorhome. I would be too as we [bleep]ing love it. Paid for with our hard-earned, high-rate, taxpayer’s money.”

Sock it to ’em, Sue! Who’d be a social media personality, hmm?

Joe Swash

Doting dad Joe Swash was stopped and cautioned by the ‘food police’ recently after he packed daughter Rose’s lunchbox.

The offence? Including pesto pasta, which some online officers reckon may not be a good idea due to it possibly setting off allergies.

However, Insta-activist lawyers were quick to argue the pine nuts in pesto might not trigger nut allergies as… they’re… not actually nuts, but seeds.

Charges dismissed!

Lisa Armstrong walks Hurley
Lisa Armstrong takes Hurley for a walk (Credit: Splashnews.com)

Hurley the dog

Congratulations to Ant McPartlin, who has become a dad for the first time aged 48.

Ant proudly announced his and wife Anne-Marie’s son Wilder’s arrival on Instagram – but also made sure to include stepdaughters Poppy and Daisy as he unveiled a ‘family tree’ tattoo.

The ink also bears the names of his wife, and their dogs Milo and Bumble. However, Hurley – the pet pooch he shares custody with ex Lisa Armstrong – has sadly not made the design. Poor Hurley.

Phillip Schofield’s enemies

Phillip Schofield listens intently
Is Phillip Schofield set for a showbiz comeback? (Credit: YouTube)

Amid claims Phillip Schofield may find a route back to being on the box, or write a book, one PR expert has sounded a word of warning for anyone that may have crossed Phil’s pay.

“There’s nothing stopping him throwing names under the bus with his explosive comeback,” they said.

Sounds like perfect Saturday night telly to us. Just not with actual celebs being thrown under actual buses.


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