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Traitors star Mollie swore at Harry then hugged him after cameras stopped rolling during final

Mollie missed out on £95k

The Traitors star Mollie Pearce had a mixed reaction to seeing Harry again following his betrayal during the final, which aired on Friday night (January 26).

Harry won £95k in Friday night’s episode after successfully managing to deceive his way into getting into the final two.

Mollie on The Traitors
The moment Mollie realised (Credit: BBC)

What happened in The Traitors final?

On Friday, the final episode of The Traitors aired on BBC One. Harry, Mollie, Andrew, Jaz, and Evie were in the final five, and all were hoping to win £95,000.

However, Evie was banished, as was Andrew, leaving just Jaz, Harry, and Mollie. Before he went, Andrew seemingly exposed Harry as a traitor.

However, when it came down to banishing Harry, Mollie couldn’t do it and banished Jaz instead. Jaz was a faithful. Harry was a traitor. The money went to Harry.

Upon learning that her close pal had been deceiving her all along, Molly stormed out, swearing.

Now, she’s revealed what happened once the cameras stopped filming.

The Traitors star Mollie
Mollie was on Lorraine today (Credit: ITV)

The Traitors star Mollie reveals what happened after filming

Appearing on Lorraine today (Monday, January 29), Mollie revealed what happened once cameras stopped filming.

“Have you spoken to Harry since?” Lorraine asked.

“Yeah, we’re fine. We’re fine,” Mollie replied. “It’s a game, and I think people forget we signed ourselves up for that game. And there was always a chance that someone was going to be lying to you. Like, it was a fact, and there was always a chance that you were going to be close to that person.”

“Did he say sorry at all?” Lorraine then asked. “Yeah, of course he did,” Mollie then said.

Harry on The Traitors
Mollie swore at Harry (Credit: BBC)

Mollie talks Harry’s betrayal

Lorraine then asked what happened after Mollie stormed off.

“I had my moment, which I needed,” she said. “I actually managed to talk to my parents and my boyfriend, and they helped me get my head screwed back on.”

She then continued. “Then I saw Harry, and I think I called him another naughty word. And then we had a hug and went back to normal,” she said.

“He won fair and square,” she then added.

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The Traitors series 1 and 2 is available to stream on BBC iPlayer.

Traitors Runner-Up Mollie Pearce: What Really Happened When The Cameras Stopped Rolling | Lorraine

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