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Beat the Chasers star Shaun Wallace on why he’s never had children as he gushes over partner

Shaun is in a relationship

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Shaun Wallace of The Chase – which has a celebrity special on tonight (Sunday, June 2) – once revealed why he’s never had children.

The 64-year-old quizzer has never been married either – however, he does have a long-term partner…

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Beat The Chasers star Shaun Wallace talks about his partner

Shaun opened up about his personal life during an appearance on Kaye AdamsHow To Be 60 podcast earlier this year.

As well as being a star of The Chase, Shaun also works as a barrister and lecturer.

“Is there room in there for a personal life?” Kaye’s co-host, Karen McKenzie asked.

“Er… yes. Although I’m not married but I suppose I’m married to my career. Put it that way. I like that. I prefer that and I’m happier,” Shaun replied.

“Do you have a partner?” Karen then asked. “Yes, I’m in a relationship,” Shaun replied.

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Beat The Chasers star Shaun Wallace on kids

Karen then joked that she’d been digging for info on Shaun’s love life, but had come up blank.

“I got absolutely nowhere and had hit brick wall,” she confessed. “I wanted to ask if you ever had children?”

“No, I have never had a child,” Shaun replied.

“It was a conscious reason – when I was a young struggling barrister. I didn’t think it would be right to bring up a child when you’re trying to climb to the top of that greasy pole,” he then went on to say.

“And I’ve never regretted that decision. I’ve got 15 godchildren. Two of them are called Shaun and I’m the best godfather in the world. I probably would have been a great dad but I’ve got no regrets in relation to that,” he then added.

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Shaun helped raise his ex’s daughter (Credit:

Shaun opens up

The telly star then went on to say that he had helped raise an ex-partner’s daughter.

“I do have an ex-partner whose daughter, who I have raised since the age of two, she is my closest thing to a daughter but she lives in America now,” he explained.

“I watched her grow into a lovely young lady. She got a First Class Honours degree recently and she got her doctorate the other day and I was there,” he then said.

“She calls me dad,” he added.

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The Chase Celebrity Special airs tonight (Sunday, June 2) at 5pm on ITV1 and ITVX.

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