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Five unanswered questions over Michael Mosley’s tragic death

Michael's body was found on Sunday

The death of Dr Michael Mosley has left many heartbroken after his body was discovered on the Greek island of Symi on Sunday.

Michael, 67, had embarked on a walk from St Nicholas Beach last Wednesday (June 5). His wife, Clare, raised an alarm after he failed to return to their holiday home hours after setting off on the walk. Tragically, his body was found on a hillside near the Agia Marina beach bar on Sunday (June 9).

In a heartbreaking statement, Clare explained that Michael had done “an incredible climb, took the wrong route and collapsed where he couldn’t be easily seen by the extensive search team”.

There’s since been questions over the tragedy and his final moments.

Michael Mosley speaking on Loose Women
Michael Mosley’s body was found on Sunday (Credit: ITV)

Michael Mosley death – why did he set off in such extreme heat?

Many have questioned why Michael set off on a walk in such high temperatures. According to reports, temperatures may have reached late 30s to 40C in Symi on Wednesday.

There’s conflicting reports on whether Michael had water on him. He was captured on CCTV walking past a café in the village of Pedi and could have stopped for a rest from the heat, to rehydrate or buy some food.

Some Good Morning Britain viewers asked the same question online. One said: “Although this is very sad news, why would anyone go for a walk in the midday sun with such high temperatures?”

Another wrote: “This is what I don’t understand. It was a strenuous walk in the full heat of the day, without his phone and sufficient water.”

However, someone else pointed out: “It’s sad but looks like he really underestimated the heat.”

Reports also claim that Michael told his wife he felt ill before he went missing.

Michael Mosley speaking on This Morning
Many have questions over Michael’s death (Credit: ITV)

Why did search crews not find him earlier?

There’s also been questions over why the search teams had not found him earlier. Initially when Michael went missing, Greek authorities feared he had fallen into the sea or was even bitten by a snake.

Crews first focused their search between Saint Nikolas Beach and Pedi, where Michael was believed to have been walking.

However, when CCTV footage appeared to show Michael walking through the town of Pedi holding an umbrella, the search turned inland. By Saturday, the search was focused on the route to Agia Marina.

Michael’s body was spotted by a television camera crew from a boat around 300 metres from the shore.

However, local barman in Agia Marina Ilias Tsavaris said rescuers “had searched that area everyday with helicopters”. He added: “He came from Pedi okay, and he walked not through the restaurant, if he had walked through there [the bar] we would have checked the cameras.”

Michael Mosley on This Morning
Michael went missing last Wednesday (Credit: ITV)

Why didn’t Michael Mosley take his phone?

Reports claimed that Michael hadn’t taken his phone with him on the walk. A police spokesperson told BBC News that his phone was found where he was staying with his wife.

Many have said that that if he had taken his phone, he may have been able to contact someone.

Why did he take a wrong turn?

Michael’s wife Clare explained in her statement that he had taken “the wrong route” before collapsing.

However, it’s unclear why Michael took the route towards Agia Marina instead of continuing from Pedi to the town of Symi, where he and his wife were staying.

The spot where his body was found was reportedly more than two miles from his intended destination.

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Did he know he was close to the bar and tried to reach safety?

Michael’s body was tragically found on a hillside near the Agia Marina beach bar, just metres from safety. Many have questioned whether he knew he was close to the bar and people to get help.

His body was found next to a chain link fence that surrounds the perimeter of the bar.

CCTV footage of Dr Mosley’s final moments reveals the medic was walking at a slow pace through the mountain trying to reach the beach of Agia Marina.

A report by the coroner in Greece shows that the doctor appears to have rested his hand on a terrace before collapsing – possibly because he was feeling unwell in the day’s 37C heat.

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