Dr Michael Mosley speaking on Loose Women and inset where his body was found

GMB viewers baffled over Dr Michael Mosley’s final moments: ‘I really don’t understand this’

'The post mortem will look to see whether it was the effects of extreme heat'

The death of Dr Michael Mosley was discussed on Good Morning Britain today (June 10).

After Susanna Reid and Ed Balls paid tribute in the studio, the pair handed over to Richard Gaisford, reporting from the Greek island of Symi.

Dr Michael Mosley speaking on Loose Women
The death of Dr Michael Mosley was confirmed on Sunday (Credit: YouTube)

Dr Michael Mosley death: GMB reports from the scene

With the craggy mountains behind him where Dr Mosley’s body was discovered, Richard explained: “When Dr Mosley walked through the village of Pedi right by where we’re standing now in the heat of the afternoon sun on Wednesday, there was no apparent cause for concern.

“At this point he could’ve turned left and headed off towards his accomodation. But he didn’t. He decided to walk right the way around the harbour and up those hills behind me instead.”

Explaining that his body has been taken to the nearby island of Rhodes, he added: “That post mortem examination on Rhodes will now look to see whether it was the effects of extreme heat.”

Mountains where Dr Michael Mosley's body was found
His body has now been taken to Rhodes for a post mortem (Credit: ITV)

‘His death is devastating’

He then went on to speculate over what might have happened to the medic.

“Perhaps he’d made it to the water and there was cold water shock involved in his death. Or potentially an underlying health condition that had previously been undiagnosed.

“Certainly his death is devastating, standing in contrast to the absolute beauty of this place.”

He then added: “As his wife Clare has said, it’s an absolute tragedy that he very nearly made it to safety, made it to where people were who could’ve helped him.”

Viewers react

Alongside tributes to the respected doctor, many GMB viewers had the same question. Why did Dr Michael Mosley decide to walk across the craggy hillside in the soaring afternoon sunshine?

“Although this is very sad news, why would anyone go for a walk in the midday sun with such high temperatures? I really don’t understand this,” said one.

Another then added: “This is what I don’t understand. It was a strenuous walk in the full heat of the day, without his phone and sufficient water. It seems he made a miscalculation with tragic consequences which is particularly shocking with his background.”

A third commented: “It’s sad but looks like he really underestimated the heat.” Another commented: “I think a lot of people don’t understand all what has happened. It’s very sad. Rest in peace Michael.”

“One report said he told his wife he wasn’t feeling well? Why climb that rocky hill in that heat?? Makes no sense,” said another.

“My question. Why would a very intelligent man want to climb a huge hill in very hot weather?”

Others said there are lessons that can be learns from this “absolute tragedy”.

One viewer tweeted: “In the wake of this absolute tragedy, everyone please think: Hydration, navigation, communication before going anywhere alone.”

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