Josie Gibson smiling wearing red lipstick

Josie Gibson has her tonsil ‘vapourised’ after ‘ending up in hospital’: ‘Been looking into this for years’

Farewell, troublesome tonsil!

This Morning star Josie Gibson has revealed she’s been and had her tonsil “vapourised” after years of suffering.

Josie, who ended up in hospital after returning home from I’m A Celebrity last year, said she suffers with tonsillitis every time she gets run down.

So, this week, she decided to do something about it…

Josie Gibson smiling wearing red lipstick
This Morning star Josie Gibson has lifted the lid on her tonsil removal (Credit: Splash News)

This Morning host Josie Gibson in health update

Posting on her Instagram Stories, This Morning host Josie shared assorted videos of the treatment she had at a London clinic this week.

“Every time I get run down I end up with tonsillitis,” she said. “I ended up in hospital in December and over the years my right tonsil has been getting bigger and bigger. Well no more my friends. Bye bye ball bag tonsil.”

No bleeding, and I can go back to work tomorrow.

She then shared a clip of the man responsible for getting rid of her tonsil.

“This is Mike Dilkes who uses laser technology to remove tonsils instead of going for full-blown tonsillectomy which I haven’t got space in the diary to recover from,” she said.

“I’m sharing this because I’ve been looking into this for years.”

Close up of machinery
Josie’s tonsil (Credit: Instagram)

‘Vapourised tonsil’

After undergoing the non-surgical procedure, Josie filmed her treated tonsil being juiced.

She wrote: “Procedure took 10 minutes and that’s my vapourised tonsil using laser technology. No bleeding, and I can go back to work tomorrow.”

Josie hospitalised

Back in December, when she returned home from the Australian jungle, Josie said that she went to A&E after struggling to breathe.

“I was on the plane home and I just began to feel really unwell,” she said. Josie added:

“I was shivering and when I got back I had severe tonsillitis. I couldn’t breathe so I got taken to hospital and they put me on a drip and gave me loads of steroids to bring the swelling down so I could breathe again.”

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