Junior and Princess Andre

Junior and Princess Andre share Peter and Emily’s ‘sleepless nights’ with newborn sibling: ‘It’s definitely hard’

"She’s so cute though"

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Junior and Princess Andre have shared insights into their careers, family life, and how they’re coping with the latest addition to their family in a new joint interview.

Junior, 18, and Princess, 16, have always been in the public eye thanks to their famous parents, Peter Andre and Katie Price.

But as they step into adulthood, the siblings are forging their own paths.

Junior and Princess Andre
Junior and Princess Andre open up about their father’s struggle (Credit: Cover Images)

Junior and Princess Andre on their new sibling

With three siblings on their mother’s side and three on their father’s, including newborn sister Arabella, Junior and Princess discussed the joys and challenges of having such a large family.

The new addition to their family, baby Arabella, has definitely brought changes.

Speaking to OK!, Princess enthused: “Oh, gosh, I love it. You get so used to peace and quiet – but now there’s a baby in the house, it’s always occupied and it’s always busy and buzzing.”

“It’s so exciting,” Junior agreed. “But don’t get me wrong, I’m not changing any nappies or anything.”

Regarding the sleepless nights, Junior shared: “It’s definitely hard for Dad and Emily, but we’re not the parents, so we don’t have that responsibility. We do help out during the day, but we’ve got bedrooms at the top of the house, so we don’t hear the baby crying in the night.”

Princess insisted their little sister is “so cute” and “adorable”.

Despite the extra attention Arabella requires, Princess said their dad still manages quality time with them.

Singer Peter Andre and his wife Emily welcomed their newborn on April 2, 2024. The star was very open about their struggle to choose a name. However, Peter and Emily eventually settled on Arabella.

Junior and Princess Andre
The Andre siblings have always been in the public eye (Credit: Cover Images)

Junior and Princess Andre on their family

Discussing their parents’ social media presence, Princess praised their skits.

Junior agreed, noting that Peter’s fun videos give an insight into the “vibe” they have as a family.

The Mysterious Girl singer has gained a strong fanbase by posting skits and comedy videos to his Instagram and TikTok – where he’s racked up a combined following of almost 3 million.

The conversation also touches on their other siblings. Princess said her sisters Bunny and Amelia go to her “for older sister advice”.

Meanwhile, she gushed over older brother Harvey who is “so funny”.

As for their future aspirations, Princess wants to be a TV presenter. Junior is focused on his music and acting career.

Both siblings expressed interest in appearing on I’m A Celebrity…, where their parents first met.

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