Kate Garraway and Richard Arnold on GMB

Kate Garraway supporting GMB co-star Richard Arnold amid his mum’s ill health

Kate cared for her husband Derek before his recent death

Kate Garraway has been supporting her GMB co-star Richard Arnold as he cares for his ill mum.

Richard, 54, has opened up about his mum Dot’s health and explained that although his mum is “all there in terms of her marbles”, her body is now “frail” and he’s caring for her daily.

Kate has been a pillar of support for Richard after she cared for her beloved husband Derek Draper amid his battle with Covid-19 and its after-effects. Derek sadly died last month and he was laid to rest last Friday.

Richard Arnold speaking on GMB
Richard opened up about his mum’s ill health (Credit: ITV)

Kate Garraway supporting GMB co-star Richard Arnold

Speaking to The Sun, for Sue Ryder’s Grief Kind Campaign, Richard said: “It’s been a very public journey for Kate as well as a very private one and I think the spotlight that she’s put on the caring profession, in particular because I, you know, I care for my mum daily. Mum had a bout of ill health last year and unfortunately she’s now no longer independent and I’m there every day.”

Richard admitted he said to Kate about feeling “guilty” about doing enough or feeling he’s not doing enough.

With my mum fortunately, she’s all there as they say, in terms of her marbles, it’s just unfortunate that her body is frail now she can’t walk unaided.

He continued, referring to Kate: “I’ve been able to talk to her about navigating the caring system because, you know initially when you find yourself at a stage in life, where you have to navigate that, it feels like it’s quite intimidating.

“With my mum fortunately, she’s all there as they say, in terms of her marbles, it’s just unfortunate that her body is frail now she can’t walk unaided.”

Kate Garraway speaking on GMB
Kate recently lost her husband Derek (Credit: ITV)

The GMB entertainment correspondent went on to say that his mum had a nurse called Priscilla come in “once maybe twice a week” to help with a particular condition.

However, now his mum is a “little better”, Priscilla’s “off the clock” and his mum now has district nurses.

Richard said caring can be “quite daunting for anyone to navigate initially, but Kate has been hugely supportive”.

Earlier this week, Kate made a return to Good Morning Britain to talk about losing her husband Derek.

Derek Draper death

Derek had been ill since he first contracted Covid-19 in 2020. He spent more than a year in hospital before returning home in 2021 and receiving round-the-clock care.

Along with carers, Kate cared for Derek. He suffered a cardiac arrest in December and sadly passed away in January.

During her appearance on GMB on Monday, Kate heartbreakingly admitted she wished she was still caring for Derek.

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She added: “It is a huge honour and what you do will be something that builds your life forever, it’s a gift but also you get so much for it as well.”

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