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Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2024? Complete list of cast exits, arrivals and returns

Samson gets a new friend before his exit

Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2024? We know there will be one sad exit ahead after actor Steve Halliwell died last year. And reports now suggest that Jurell Carter will be leaving soon.

It’s been rumoured that Jurell will leave his role as Nate Robinson later this year. All the details, along with our round-up of who’s coming and going in 2024 below.

Who’s leaving Emmerdale in 2024?

As of June 2024 no cast exits have been officially announced. However, it’s been reported Nate Robinson will be leaving the soap this year.

Reports suggest that Jurell will be leaving his role as Nate (Credit: ITV)

Nate Robinson

As of June 2024, reports have started to circulate that suggest that Jurell Carter will soon be departing from his role as Nate Robinson.

A source reportedly told The Sun: “Nate has been at the centre of some huge storylines and his exit will be no different.

“It will be dramatic and explosive and will go down in Emmerdale history. It won’t be one to miss.

“Jurell has loved being on the soap but he’s a young actor and it’s understandable he wants to spread his wings.”

After five years on the soap, Jurell is said to be looking towards new opportunities as Nate’s exits looms.

But, could Nate’s exit have anything to do with Tracy? How will he exit the Dales?

Nicky and Suni look serious as they talk and walk in the village
The couple are said to be looking for a fresh start (Credit: ITV)

Suni Sharma and Nicky Miligan

Nicky recently managed to survive his and Ethan’s car accident after awaking from a coma.However, after finding out that Ruby was responsible for Ethan’s hit and run, Nicky wants nothing to do with her.

Nicky will soon suggest moving away from the Dales with Suni in a bid to get away from his family.

According to reports made by The Sun, these scenes will spark the couple’s exit storyline as actors Lewis Cope and Brahmdeo Shannon Ramana have already been said to have filmed their final scenes.

A source told The Sun: “The feeling is that the characters weren’t given a fair shot.

“They’re hungry to hone their craft to show what they can do and don’t want to be used as glorified set dressing.”

But, will Nicky and Suni be leaving this summer?

Sam Hall is said to be leaving (Credit: ITV)

Samson Dingle

It was rumoured Sam Hall would be leaving his role as Samson Dingle, which he has played since he was five years old, last month.

The Sun reported that Sam was informed that his character will be axed.

A source reportedly told the paper: “Sam had a meeting with bosses earlier this month where they broke the news.

“He has been left devastated. He’s grown up with his on-screen Dingle clan and they are all very protective of him.

“The fact that they are planning on killing him off means there’ll be no way back for him either.”

Emmerdale declined to comment on the matter. However Sam himself hinted to Inside Soap the rumours of an exit could be true. Although he did insist he was not being killed off.

“Well, I don’t want to give too much away, but Samson has some really big stuff coming up,” he said.

“Don’t worry, as he’s definitely not being killed off! There are some good stories coming up for him, and I was very excited when I read the scripts.”

So what does the future hold for Samson?

Emmerdale: Ethan looks anxious as he's led into a police car
Ethan was arrested (Credit: ITV)

Ethan Anderson

On Wednesday May 22 Ethan was run down by Ruby Fox-Miligan. Although he managed to get himself up and refused to go to hospital.

A week later, Ethan collapsed onto the floor whilst at home with Charles ahead of his court trial for Nicky’s car accident.

As Charles and Manpreet desperately tried to resuscitate him, an unconscious Ethan was rushed to hospital but couldn’t be saved.

Ruby was left feeling guilty as she believed that Ethan died due to her hit and run as she watched Charles grieve the loss of his son.

Bob’s son lost his life at New Year (Credit: ITV)

Who else has left Emmerdale in 2024

Two other characters have departed the Dales this year – Heath Hope and Amit Sharma.

Bob Hope’s son, Heath, was confirmed dead just minutes into the New Year’s Day episode as he was involved in a car smash.

Despite all attempts to save an injured Heath from the wreckage, it was clear that he had died on impact and couldn’t be brought back to life.

These tragic scenes marked the departure of Sebastian Dowling from the soap, after having played the role of Heath for 17 years alongside his real-life twin sister and Cathy Hope actress, Gabrielle Dowling.

Heath’s death turned his family’s world upside down. But, can they all support each other through their unimaginable grief?

Amit talking to Pollard on Emmerdale
Amit ended up leaving after his scheming was exposed (Credit: ITV)

Meanwhile Amit was forced to leave by Jai Sharma after he discovered Amit had killed his dad, Rishi. Jai pushed Amit down the stairs, locked him in a cupboard, then eventually let him go on the proviso Amit signed everything over to him and left without saying goodbye to anybody.

Amit agreed, but will he ever be back?

Pearl Ladderbanks

Earlier this year it was revealed Pearl Ladderbanks, former vet receptionist, had also died. Rhona, Paddy and Vanessa received a letter breaking the news to them.

Although no further mention has been made of her death, it comes after actress Meg Johnson, who played Pearl, died aged 86 in July 2023.

There will be a send off for Zak, for sure (Credit: ITV)

Zak Dingle

Although a departure hasn’t formally been announced, after the death of actor Steve Halliwell in December 2023, it seems likely Zak Dingle will be leaving the soap in 2024.

He’s currently in Scotland on-screen living with granddaughter Debbie Dingle. Zak has been referenced several times recently. His absence from daughter Belle’s wedding was explained by him being “too ill” to attend. But could the illness lead to an exit storyline?

Emmerdale has not revealed how or when Zak will go on-screen, although they did pay tribute to him late last year as the credits rolled. The soap may leave it another year or two before Zak will bow out, out of respect. But it stands to reason a character as long-standing and much-loved as Zak will get the send-off he deserves. And we’ll need all the tissues to watch it.

Who’s returning to Emmerdale in 2024?

Angelica is serving an eight-month sentence (Credit: ITV)

Angelica King

In March 2024 Angelica King was sentenced to eight months in a secure children’s home after she was driving the car that killed Heath Hope. She is now off screen, but could end up serving less time depending on her behaviour.

On Angelica’s time away, Nicola Wheeler, who plays Nicola King, Angel’s mum, recently revealed to Digital Spy: “Also, looking to the future, I would just say: ‘What is to come?’ Because what is Angel going to be like when she leaves the place? That is the big question, isn’t it? For eight months of her life, Nicola and Jimmy don’t have any control or influence over her at all.”

Actress Rebecca Bakes has confirmed she will be back as Angelica once the character returns home from the SCH. It seems she is having time off from the soap to complete her exams.

Taking to her Instagram stories after her exit, Rebecca shared a behind-the-scenes photo and wrote: “Had an amazing time filming this storyline, can’t wait to get back to it.”

This post suggests that the teenager will return to the role in the future, with the character not likely to be recast. It paves the way for a Christmas comeback for Angel, but what will she be like when she returns?

Who’s arriving in Emmerdale in 2024?

Osian Morgan as Miles Massey in Waterloo Road
Osian played villainous Miles in Waterloo Road (Credit: BBC)

Osian Morgan

A new report has revealed Waterloo Road villain Osian Morgan, who played Miles Massey in the school drama, is joining the soap for Sam’s exit storyline.

The Sun quotes an insider as saying: “He’s coming in as a new pal who turns Samson Dingle’s head.

“They become firm friends and start to plan a big trip around Europe but this new lad puts the backs up of Lydia and Sam.

“He’s set to cause chaos in the Dales.”

Osian’s is best-known for his Waterloo Road role in which he committed an arson attack on the school.

Who else has joined Emmerdale this year?

Will and Rose on Emmerdale
Rose has made herself at home at Home Farm (Credit: ITV)


Emmerdale last new character was Rose played by Christine Tremarco. Rose arrived when she was seen with Will Taylor in the hospital. It was then revealed she was Dawn’s estranged mum.

Although Dawn didn’t want anything to do with her at first, when Kim Tate tried to pay Rose to leave Dawn decided to try to give her mum a chance. She moved her in to Home Farm while she recovered from a broken arm.

However in the meantime, Dawn’s son, Evan has been diagnosed with leukaemia so Rose is seemingly sticking around. But it’s been revealed she’s working with someone else in the village and isn’t there just to reconnect with her family.

Who is Rose working with?

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