Katie Price attempts to end feud with Jodie Marsh with olive branch

Could a Katie Price and Jodie Marsh friendship be on the 2024 cards?

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Katie Price has extended an olive branch to her ‘nemesis’, Jodie Marsh.

In an attempt to end their decades-long ‘feud’, Katie took to social media to try and make amends.

But her Instagram followers weren’t impressed – with many pointing out that Katie had previously fuelled the fire over their alleged rivalry.

Katie Price with long blonde hair and pink shirt on Loose Women
Katie Price wants to make up with Jodie Marsh (Credit: Loose Women via Youtube / ITV)

Katie Price attempts to end feud with Jodie Marsh

On her The Katie Price Show podcast, Katie claimed to not have a ‘problem’ with Jodie, despite previously dubbing her the ‘lowest of the low’. She stated: “I’ve never had a problem with her [Jodie] and I always say to people, we’d probably get on because we both love animals, horses.

“We’ve both been through the mill. I don’t actually have a problem with her and never had.”

I don’t actually have a problem with her and never had.

The glamour model even went as far as to offer the former model and documentary maker a job offer – a collaboration on OnlyFans! Katie said: “Imagine if me and her did an OnlyFans shoot, that would be one for the thing wouldn’t it.

“I wouldn’t rule that out, if Jodie wanted to do an OnlyFans shoot.” The mum-of-five even asked Jodie in the caption: “Come on Jodie Marsh, what do you think?”

However, some fans weren’t impressed. One fumed: “Leave Jodie alone, she has a good job.”

Another agreed: “Katie, you [bleep] her off in your book Harvey and Me. You can’t say you never had a problem with her as your book says different.”

Why were Katie Price and Jodie Marsh feuding?

The pair have both taken public jabs at each other over the years, including Jodie dubbing Katie as “the one who’s famous for having loads of kids with different dads” and Katie calling Jodie “the most vile thing I’ve ever seen”.

Jodie Marsh with blonde hair and dark lipstick on This Morning
Jodie Marsh has previously taken public jabs at Katie Price (Credit: This Morning via Youtube / ITV)

In her book Harvey and Me, Katie had previously hinted that she had an issue with Jodie for pursuing her ex-boyfriend (Scott Sullivan). She wrote: “Scott went to the lowest of the low and got with Jodie Marsh.”

Jodie told Now! magazine back in 2011: “I think that when I got famous, she felt threatened by me.” She went on to say: “Before I came along, she was the only big name in glamour modelling.”

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