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Gemma Collins admits making herself ‘look fatter’ in pictures for money

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Gemma Collins has made a shock admission about her weight. The blonde bombshell and former Towie star has opened up about the topic in a recent tell-all interview.

Gemma, who is known for her appearances on reality TV shows, has often faced criticism for her weight. However, it seems Gemma has also contributed to unattainable beauty standards – by altering the way she looks in her snaps.

The star has also confessed that she did so in a bid to flog weightless injectables…

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Gemma has battled cruel online trolls over her weight (Credit: Grant Buchanan /

Gemma Collins admits altering pictures to look ‘fatter’

The star has stated that she deliberately tried to “look fatter”, whilst promoting the brand Skinny Jab. The star made the confession in a chat with the MailOnline‘s podcast, Everything I Know About Me.

She explained that the sum she was offered to market the brand was something that she couldn’t turn down and to do so, she would alter the way she looked.

To flog the weight loss injectables, Gemma would share supposed transformation snaps, to display how the product had worked for her.

Although, this didn’t seem to be enough.

To make her social media promotions all the more dramatic, Gemma would therefore pose in a way so she looked “extra fatter”. Evidently, this made the products seem like they had made a major difference.

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Gemma Collins on weight loss

She confessed that she would “play the game” and “make herself look extra fatter”. Now, she acknowledges that having influence over such a large following comes with “responsibility”.

Gem, who is much more candid about her appearance now, was even offered a gig to lose weight for £20k. The star entered into a bootcamp where she had to work out for eight hours a day. Consequently, she said she “nearly fainted” due to the lack of food.

The star recalled: “I remember going off when the first series ended and I had to act quick. People have to act quick.

“You can’t leave things. So I was shipped off to a bootcamp where I was forced to workout for eight hours a day and eat nothing.

“My first deal was £20,000 and obviously that was a lot of money to me back then and I went to the interview and the editor said to me when I turned up that I hadn’t got thin enough.”

Gemma’s diet now

In an interview with Piers Morgan three years ago, Gemma reflected on her battles with her weight and facing nasty online trolls. A teary-eyed Gemma admitted at the time that she was a lot more “comfortable” in her skin.

In March, Gem opened up about her new weight loss journey ahead of her wedding. However, there is no vigorous training involved and she hasn’t gone hungry. She’s also getting help from bodybuilder Eddie Abbew.

She said on Instagram: “I’m in shock, I’ve just got back on the scales and I’ve dropped 13.8 pounds, nearly a stone. Just under a stone in a week.

“I was reduced to tears, I looked at you [Eddie] and was like, ‘Sorry, is that right?’ No vigorous exercise, no training for 8 hours a day.”

Gemma’s new diet involves eating whole foods like vegetables, fruits and nuts.

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