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Inside Paloma Faith’s wild love life – eight-month marriage, stalking second husband’s ex and ‘mental breakdown’ from divorce

'It went from obsession to actual love'

Paloma Faith is one of the UK’s biggest stars – and it turns out she has a rather wild love life, including a recent split from her second husband.

Since shooting to fame in 2009, the 42-year-old singer has gone on to become a chart-topping pop star. With hits like Only Love Can Hurt Like This and Lullaby under her belt, Paloma has amassed a loyal legion of fans over the years.

But it’s not just music Paloma has turned her hand to. In 2016, she appeared as a mentor on The Voice UK, and this weekend (June 8) she’s appearing on BBC’s Saturday Kitchen.

However, despite writing several hit songs about her love life, Paloma often chooses to keep most of it out of the public eye and spotlight.

But when did she get married? And why did she stalk her now ex-husband’s ex? Keep reading to find out!

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Paloma’s love life has inspired many of her hits (Credit:

Paloma Faith and her eight-month marriage to first husband

Back in 2005, Paloma married New Zealand chef Rian Haynes. Sadly though, the pair separated soon after and got a formal divorce in 2009.

In 2013, Paloma spoke out about their marriage and revealed the reason for the breakdown of their whirlwind relationship.

“It was just a young, frivolous thing. We were in our early twenties and we did something quickly and realised it was a mistake. But we’re still close,” she told Metro.

“I am still friends with him. All my other relationships were the ones that screwed me up, not that one,” Paloma added.

Paloma Faith and her ex-husband
The singer was married to french artist Leyman (Credit:

Stalking hubby’s old flame

In early 2013, Paloma struck up a relationship with French artist Leyman Lahcine. Fast forward to December 2016, and the pair welcomed their first baby and went on to welcome their second, in February 2021.

What’s more, in 2017, Paloma and Leyman reportedly tied the knot in secret. But back in 2018, Paloma candidly confessed how she stalked Leyman’s ex-girlfriend on social media.

Appearing on This Morning, the singer recalled how she would often scroll through the ex’s social media when breastfeeding in the dark. And she even penned a song about it for her album The Architect (Zeitgeist Edition).

It went from obsession to actual love.

“I got fanatical. It’s called Your Ex this song and it’s all about the imaginary world that she’s so amazing and why did you leave her,” she said.

Paloma added: “So it’s quite feminist because it’s very, like: ‘Oh God she’s beautiful and intelligent.’ It went from obsession to actual love. I think I loved her.”

Paloma Faith and her ex-husband
The singer managed to keep their split a secret for 18 months (Credit:

Paloma splits from second husband

In 2022, it was heavily speculated that Paloma and Leyman had ended things. Then in October 2023, Paloma officially confirmed the end of their relationship.

She also revealed that they had managed to keep their split a secret for 18 months.  Chatting to the Independent, Paloma admitted it was their new roles as parents that had crippled their romance.

She said: “You either grow together, adapting to one another like expandable foam and filling the gaps where it’s empty – or one person grows and the other stays the same.”

Paloma had ‘nervous breakdown’

Paloma, who released her sixth album The Glorification Of Sadness earlier this year, has been open about her split from Leyman.

She told The Sun: “I was so broken, honestly – I think I had a nervous breakdown.

“I was so broken that my brain didn’t even work in that way of being conscious. It is difficult for me to remember much of it because I was so sad and full of guilt and shame.”

Watch Paloma Faith on Saturday Kitchen on Saturday (June 8) at 10:00am on BBC One.


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