Peter Andre talking on Lorraine beside snap of his children Junior and Princess

Peter Andre defends ‘strict’ rules for his children after daughter Princess’ comments

Peter has defended his parenting techniques

Peter Andre has defended his parenting techniques after his children, Junior and Princess, exposed some of their worst scoldings from their famous dad.

Despite Junior and Princess dropping Peter in it, the singer isn’t afraid to express just how proud he is of his children.

He also stands by his “strict” family rules. It comes after Junior and Princess told all after gracing the cover of OK! magazine.

Peter Andre, Junior and Princess
Peter shares Junior and Princess with ex-wife Katie Price (Credit: YouTube)

Peter Andre defends strict rules for children

Singer Peter has defended his strict scoldings in his latest column for OK!. He told his readers: “I couldn’t be more proud of Junior and Princess, who landed their first joint magazine cover with OK! magazine. They seemed to have fun doing the shoot – you can really see the strong bond that they have. Princess landed me in it when she talked about my ‘strict’ house rules.

Yes, I’m strict, but in what I hope is the right way. It allows them to understand what they did and hopefully learn from it.

“It made me laugh, but I’m also proud to be a strict-ish dad. As I have told Junior, if they didn’t something wrong I wasn’t angry, just disappointed sometimes. I come from a generation where parents got angry and raised their voices, but there’s no need for that now. I have great conversations with the kids.

“Yes, I’m strict, but in what I hope is the right way. It allows them to understand what they did and hopefully learn from it.”

Peter Andre looking unhappy on This Morning
Peter Andre has five children (Credit: ITV / This Morning)

Princess Andre on telling off from dad Peter Andre

It comes after Princess told the publication of an occasion that left her “really hurt”. She said: “I’d say the worst telling off I’ve had, was from dad when I was about six years old.

“He took everything out of my room, I’m talking TV, books, toys and that really hurt when I was young, I’m not going to lie.”

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Junior chimed in: “You were misbehaving a lot.”

Peter and his wife, Emily, welcomed their third little one earlier this year, baby Arabella Rose. Along with their two children Theo and Amelia, and Junior and Princess, Peter has had some practise in setting boundaries.

Junior said of his younger siblings: “For Millie and Theo, it’s bedtime at 8pm and not too much screen time.”

Princess then explained that she and her siblings aren’t allowed mobile phones in their rooms until they are 14.

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