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Prince Philip news: Piers Morgan addresses comments he once made about Duke being ‘rude’

Piers said he stands by all his comments

In latest Prince Philip news, Piers Morgan has addressed previous comments in which he called the Duke “rude”.

Back in 2019, the former Good Morning Britain host wrote an article in which he branded the Duke of Edinburgh the “rudest human ever”.

One Twitter user resurfaced Piers‘ comments from two years ago and compared it to a message the presenter wrote on Friday after Philip’s death, in which he called him “the greatest of Britons”.

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What did Piers say about his Prince Philip comments?

The Twitter user wrote alongside screenshots of the contrasting quotes: “The thing is about being Piers Morgan is his words go far and deep but they will always come back to haunt him!”

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However, Piers replied: “I stand by them all. Philip was amusingly rude to me when I met him because he hated the press, & he could be offhand, insensitive and arrogant.

“All the people I most admire are imperfect”

“But that doesn’t mean I can’t also recognise & respect his many great qualities too.

“All the people I most admire are imperfect.”

hat doesn’t mean I can’t also recognise & respect his many great qualities too.

Back in 2019, Piers had branded Philip the “rudest human ever” after the Duke of Edinburgh snubbed him at Prince Charles’ 50th birthday party at Buckingham Palace.

Writing in a MailOnline column: “Prince Philip is the rudest human being I have ever met.

“Suffice it to say, that doesn’t necessarily make him a bad person. Lots of people are rude to me, and often with perfectly good reason.

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Philip died at Windsor Castle on Friday (Credit:

“But it gave me a rare personal insight into what a disagreeable character the grand old Duke can be when he chooses.”

Meanwhile, following the Duke’s death on Friday, Piers made a touching tribute to the 99-year-old.

He wrote on Twitter: “RIP Prince Philip, 99.

“A truly great Briton who dedicated his life to selfless public duty & was an absolute rock of devoted support to Her Majesty, The Queen, as the longest-serving royal consort to any British sovereign.

“A very sad day for our country. Thank you, Sir.”

Prince Philip and the Queen were married for 73 years
Philip’s funeral will take place next Saturday (Credit:

What’s the latest Prince Philip news?

Philip’s funeral will take place next Saturday (April 17) at 3pm at St George’s Chapel.

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Due to COVID-19 regulations, only 30 guests will be allowed to attend.

It’s believed Prince Harry will be travelling to the UK from California to attend the funeral. However, his wife Meghan Markle will remain in America as she’s pregnant with their second child.

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