Princess Kate ‘will be angry’ over ‘damaging’ manipulated photo scandal, expert claims, amid concerns ‘palace is not telling the truth’

She's been left wide open to ridicule, one expert told ED!…

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Princess Kate will be feeling “angry” after adding “fuel to the fire”, one expert has claimed, as her manipulated photo drama rumbles on.

Yesterday (March 10), the Prince and Princess of Wales released a new photo of Kate with her children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

On the face of it, the picture was beautiful and showed three happy kids with their adoring mum. However, late last night, photo agencies decided to pull the picture from their websites, claiming that the picture had been edited.

And, as a result, the Princess of Wales was forced to issue a full apology, admitting she did edit the picture. Now there are calls for the original picture of Kate and the kids to be released.

So why did she edit the picture? Brand and culture expert Nick Ede exclusively told ED! the Princess of Wales will most likely be feeling “angry” to have opened herself up to “ridicule”.

He also had a warning for Kate, insisting that the drama “won’t be going anywhere” for the foreseeable.

Kate Middleton in a dark red jacket at an engagement
The Princess of Wales had admitted making the editing blunder in her Mother’s Day picture (Credit: Splash News)

Kate Middleton manipulated photo scandal: ‘She’s opened herself up to scrutiny and ridicule’

He said: “There was so much speculation around the image. The fact that photo agencies rejected it and highlighted that it had been modified made what would normally have been a lovely image broadcast globally become something that was open to more speculation and concerns that Kate and the palace are not telling the truth.”

Nick then added: “I think she will be feeling quite angry that no one in the palace highlighted that perhaps Photoshopping a picture at this current moment in time may open things up to scrutiny and also ridicule too – as the memes that have since come out have shown.”

‘The comms team will be in trouble’

Nick also predicted that heads will roll at Kensington Palace over the photo fail.

“I think the team will be in trouble. This isn’t a good look for Kate or the royal family and it adds fuel to the fire. So I suspect there will quite a few embarrassed people in the comms team who will have to manage the fallout from this. Hence Kate’s very personal statement.

This won’t be going anywhere. All eyes all over the world will be on Kate.

“Why wasn’t it picked up? It should have been picked up and it should have been stopped! They should have posted a past image and said just that. That way they could’ve controlled the narrative.”

The Princess of Wales looking annoyed
The furore won’t be going away any time soon, Kate’s been warned (Credit: Splash News)

‘People are losing trust in what they’re being told’

So why did they do it? Nick seems baffled.

“I think it will add to the fire that people are losing trust in what they are being told and this can be so damaging,” he warned.

But still he doesn’t think Kate will return sooner than Easter to put all rumours to rest.

“We have all been told that Kate will be back at Easter and I don’t think she will make an appearance before this. But I do think that she will be very conscious of the comms that are coming from the palace. Perhaps she’ll release a few more images that are not doctored and build the narrative for her return to public life.”

However, Nick warned: “This won’t be going anywhere. All eyes all over the world will be on Kate.”

Princess Kate’s statement on manipulated photo in full

In response to the furore surrounding the image, Kate shared a statement.

It read: “Like many amateur photographers, I do occasionally experiment with editing. I wanted to express my apologies for any confusion the family photograph we shared yesterday caused. I hope everyone celebrating had a very happy Mother’s Day.”

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