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11 Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Roy’s fate revealed, Daniel in the frame and Adam’s new love

Things aren't looking good for Mr Cropper following his arrest

Coronation Street spoilers for next week include Roy at his bail hearing, Daniel back under suspicion after new evidence is revealed and Adam setting his sights on a new love interest.

Here are 11 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

Roy Cropper in Coronation Street looks aghast in the dock
Poor Roy isn’t coping (Credit: ITV)

1. The case against Roy is stacking up

In the police interview room, Roy asks Dee-Dee for a paper and an envelope and writes a letter to Nina. She’s devastated to read it as it’s clear Roy thinks he’s going to prison.

In court, the CPS barrister paints Roy as a murderer. His past, including an assault on Gary and abducting Wayne Hayes are both brought up. It’s not looking good for Roy.

Roy refuses food in prison in Corrie
It’s bleak for Roy (Credit: ITV)

2. Roy refused bail in Coronation Street spoilers

Dee-Dee addresses the court and makes her case for Roy to be granted bail. However, the judge refuses the application and orders Roy to be remanded in custody until his trial.

Prison is a tough time for Roy as he refuses breakfast and won’t leave his cell.

Ds Swain in Coronation Street seriously quizzes Bobby
Is Bobby being truthful? (Credit: ITV)

3. Bobby gives new evidence

Wanting to help Roy, Bobby goes to the police station for further questioning. DS Swain reminds him it’s an offence to pervert the course of justice.

Bobby later tells Carla he made out to DS Swain the intruder in Lauren’s flat was wearing a dark coat with a fur-trimmed hood and a balaclava. But is he telling the truth?

4. Daniel back in the frame

When news of Bobby’s changed statement gets out, Cassie remembers seeing a coat in the charity shop that fits the description Bobby gave. Although the coat has been sold, other items that came in with it were still there.

One of them has a name tag and it’s not long before DS Swain is calling to see Daniel, telling him there’s been a development in the Lauren Bolton case…

Daniel and Nicky in Corrie smile as they embrace and Deana looks on
Will Nicky make things worse? (Credit: ITV)

5. Daniel meets Nicky in Coronation Street spoilers

After railing at Max for reporting him to the police, even though he has no idea what Daniel’s talking about, Daniel hears from Bethany that Lauren may have been working as an escort.

He decides to meet with his ex, Nicky, to find out if she knows anything. But suspicious Max and Bobby follow him and take pictures of Daniel with Nicky and her friend Deana. Has Daniel made himself look even more guilty?

Alya smiles at Rich in Coronation Street
Alya leaves Adam and Dee-Dee for a new job (Credit: ITV)

6. Adam’s unprofessionalism annoys Alya

Adam meets new client, Rebecca, at the Chariot Square Hotel and it’s not long before he’s flirting up a storm. Alya calls him and says he’s needed in the office for a meeting. But Adam kills the call, leaving Alya angry.

She then takes the meeting with Rich instead and he is very impressed by her. He tells her she could be partner material – is Alya going to ditch Dee-Dee and Adam?

7. Alya poaches Adam’s business

After accepting the job with Rich, Adam and Dee-Dee struggle without Alya in the office to organise them. Meanwhile, Rich takes her for lunch and tells her she’s just what the company needs.

When Adam gets a call saying his biggest client is transferring their business to Alya’s new company, Adam is furious. What will he do?

8. Adam falls for Alya in Coronation Street spoilers

Alya is annoyed to hear Adam is spreading rumours she’s accepted her old job back. She confronts Adam and tells him he can stick it.

Adam watches her storm off and it’s clear he’s smitten with her. But does she feel the same?

Corrie: Sarah is worried as she talks to Gary
Can Gary delete the footage? (Credit: ITV)

9. Sarah panics over Maria

Gary is trying to think how he could delete the camera footage after knowing about Maria’s hidden devices. He tells Sarah Maria has them caught on video and she reels knowing it shows her making a drunken pass at him. Gary insists he’ll delete it before Maria sees it, but will he be able to?

Dee-Dee looks worried in Coronation Street
Who’s after Dee-Dee? (Credit: ITV)

10. Dee-Dee under threat

As Joel and Dee-Dee reconnect, Michael warns his sister how much Joel hurt her with his past lies. Meanwhile, Dee-Dee gets a call at work which shocks her.

When Joel arrives she fakes a smile, but he notices some emails as he’s helping with Roy’s bail application. He’s shocked to see they are death threats. But who is out to get Dee-Dee?


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

One more Coronation Street spoiler

Anwen and Sam look happy to be playing chess in Coronation Street
Sam isn’t so sure about Leanne’s claims (Credit: ITV)

11. Sam’s interested in the Institute

The bistro has had a successful week and business is improving. Leanne is certain it’s down to her reality coding, but Nick bites his tongue so as not to cause an argument.

When a couple arrive at the bistro with their daughter Anwen, she joins Sam for a game of chess. Sam is thrilled and Nick is pleased to see him making new friends. But when Leanne suggests it’s all down to reality coding, Sam isn’t so sure. However, he agrees to look into the Institute to try to understand their teachings – and keep the peace with Leanne!

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