Week 17 EastEnders spoilers

8 EastEnders spoilers for next week including Whitney getting in too deep, Jay playing happy families, and Yolande struggling

Whitney's in over her head and Zack's not happy

EastEnders spoilers for next week include Jay and Honey taking on their marathon challenge, Zack and Whitney getting some sad news about Britney, and Yolande struggling to cope after her sexual assault.

These eight huge spoilers reveal everything that’s coming up in next week’s EastEnders!

Peter Beale shows the Lola t-shirts to his friends and family
It’s Jay and Honey’s big day and their friends are getting ready to support them (Credit: BBC)

1. Jay and Honey run the marathon in EastEnders spoilers!

It’s the day of the marathon and everyone’s getting ready to cheer on Jay and Honey as they take on the race in memory of Lola.

Jay, though, is still struggling with Nadine’s revelation that she’s pregnant and announces he’s not going to run. Honey manages to talk him into taking part.

Meanwhile, Billy is delayed getting to the starting line and when he does eventually make it – along with Phil and Lexi – his bad luck continues.

Peter Beale shows the Lola t-shirts to his friends and family
Peter’s got some special t-shirts for the spectators to wear (Credit: BBC)

2. Bad news for Whitney

When Britney has an accident on her bike, Zack and Whit whisk her off to A&E.

They’re devastated when they are told that Britney has Type 2 Usher Syndrome. They listen as the doctor explains that the condition will lead to sight and hearing impairments for Britney.

EastEnders: Whitney Dean looks concerned
Whitney’s getting more nervous about Zack finding out (Credit: BBC)

3. Yolande tries to cope

Yolande isn’t coping after being sexually assaulted by Pastor Clayton. She even suggests that she might not go to church for a while, but Patrick – and the pastor – insist that she carries on practising her faith.

Yolande Trueman looks drawn and frightened as Pastor Clayton smiles
Yolande is unsettled by Pastor Clayton as he fails to respect her personal space (Credit: BBC)

When she goes to a prayer meeting she’s overcome with dread, and things are made even worse when Pastor Clayton continues to invade her personal space.

Yolande Trueman looks drawn and frightened as Pastor Clayton smiles
Yolande wants to take a break from church (Credit: BBC)

Things go from bad to worse when Yolande gets home to discover Patrick’s prepared a romantic evening for them both.

Patrick Trueman gives wife Yolande a hug and she looks uncomfortable
When Patrick gets romantic, Yolande is uncomfortable (Credit: BBC)

She tries to relax, but when Patrick starts making loving advances towards her, she’s triggered. She rushes out, leaving Patrick puzzled by her reaction.

4. EastEnders spoilers: Baby blues

Nadine in EastEnders hands Jay and envelope
Nadine gives Jay food for thought (Credit: BBC)

Jay’s given something to think about when he invites Nadine to the flat. But it’s not long before the parents-to-be are arguing after Jay questions whether he really is the daddy.

Nadine in EastEnders is tearful as Jay looks at the scan
Jay is moved to find out Nadine is expecting a girl (Credit: BBC)

Nadine is insistent that the baby is Jay’s and reveals she’s expecting a little girl. Moved, Jay promises to be there for her and the baby and gives her some money.

5. Whitney’s lies get too much

Keeley in EastEnders walks with Whitney arguing
Whitney needs Keeley to do her a favour (Credit: BBC)

Whitney’s desperate to learn more about Britney’s condition, but Zack’s worried about his pregnant girlfriend taking on more stress.

When Britney heads off for her first day at school, Zack suggests enrolling the youngster at the GP and telling them about her diagnosis. Worried her lies are about to be exposed, Whit says she’s already done it. Then she tracks Sonia down and tries to persuade her not to do the checks that are needed to register Britney.

But Sonia won’t budge and Whit’s left with no choice but to drag Keeley to the GP to sign Britney up.

Keeley in EastEnders walks with Whitney arguing
Whitney can’t register Britney at the GP unless Keeley helps (Credit: BBC)

Later, Whit misses a scan when Britney’s school calls to let her know her foster daughter’s hearing aids aren’t working – which leads to another argument with Zack.

When Sonia hosts a dinner party at number 25, Lauren’s quick to pull Whitney aside and give her an ultimatum – either she tells Zack the truth, or Lauren will.

Zack Hudson sits on the stairs looking thoughtful
Zack’s finding it all hard (Credit: BBC)

6. Bullying nightmare

Lauren and Whitney are arguing in the Minute Mart about Britney, when Zack overhears and demands answers. Whitney covers and Zack backs off, leaving Lauren fuming.

Later, Whitney and Lauren find a downcast Britney who admits she had a run-in with bullies on the way to school. As usual, Whitney ignores Zack’s advice and heads off to find the bully in question. But she ends up making everything much wore, when Britney is teased about Whit getting involved!

Britney and Lexi walk through the market in EastEnders smiling
When Britney is bullied, Whit gets involved (Credit: BBC)

7. Jade’s prison visit in EastEnders spoilers

The Slaters are unimpressed when Jade gets a letter from Dean asking her to come and visit him in prison. Stacey persuades Jade not to go, and Jean backs her up.

Instead, they arrange a leaving party in The Vic for Jade.

Jade is upset in EastEnders
Jade wants to see her dad (Credit: BBC)

But the teen does eventually head to the prison to see her Dad, who tells her that not only did he not tamper with her medication, he’s also innocent of murdering Keanu.

But will Jade believe him?

Jade Masood and Jean Slater visit Dean in prison looking horrified
Dean’s got a lot to say to Jade (Credit: BBC)

8. Family ties?

Nadine visits Jay, Honey and Callum to apologise for causing upset with Lexi over her pregnancy.

Nadine and Jay in EastEnders looks uncomfortable
Nadine apologises to Jay’s family (Credit: BBC)

She’s overcome with guilt when she realises how serious Jay is about being there for his baby.

He even treats Nadine and Lexi to lunch at the pub so they can bond. But Lexi’s still not happy and it’s clear she and Nadine just aren’t going to get along!

Nadine in EastEnders looks affronted
It’s clear Lexi and Nadine aren’t getting on (Credit: BBC)

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