Toyah is keeping a secret in Coronation Street spoilers

8 spoilers for Coronation Street next week reveal Toyah’s stillborn baby secret, Leanne sucked in by Rowan, and Todd makes plans

Things are getting serious for Leanne

Coronation Street spoilers for next week have revealed a huge secret Toyah’s been keeping for decades, as well as a bombshell for the Shuttleworths and Asha in danger.

Here are 8 huge Coronation Street spoilers for next week.

Toyah looks purposeful with a shovel in Corrie
Toyah’s furious with the sleuths (Credit: ITV)

1. Toyah sees red!

With Roy’s beloved Freddie having gone missing, Toyah sets off to the Red Rec to look for the dog. But instead of the hound, she comes across a group of amateur sleuths digging up a rose bed.

Coronation Street: Angry Toyah smashes a car with a shovel
Toyah attacks the car with a spade (Credit: ITV)

They reveal they spotted Freddie digging there, put two and two together to make five and decided that’s where Roy had to have buried Lauren’s body.

Toyah’s FUMING. She picks up one of their spades and heads off. She smashes their car with the shovel as the sleuths film her on their phone.

Coronation Street: Angry Toyah smashes a car with a shovel
What’s rattled Toyah’s cage? (Credit: ITV)

Nick arrives, and manages to calm Toyah down, though she bursts into tears – clearly there’s something wrong. And back home she takes it all out on young Sam, railing at him for losing Freddie in the first place.

As the police call round looking for Toyah, she goes to the florist where she buys a single yellow rose, telling Joel it’s for Leanne. But is she telling the truth?

Coronation Street: Angry Toyah smashes a car with a shovel
One of the amateur detectives films Toyah as she takes her anger out on the car (Credit: ITV)

2. Will Joel make a move on Dee-Dee?

Coronation Street: Joel looks nervously at Dee-Dee in the solicitor's office
Dee-Dee and Joel have a moment (Credit: ITV)

Joel is desperate to prove to Dee-Dee – and her family – that he can be trusted so he approaches Michael in the cafe and assures him he’ll never lie to his sister again. He admits he wants them to get back together.

Dee-Dee and Joel lean in for a kiss in Corrie
Joel goes for a kiss (Credit: ITV)

In the office, Joel tells Dee-Dee how grateful he is to her for coming with him to meet his daughter. He tries to kiss her – but will Dee-Dee respond?

Todd looks shifty in Coronation Street
Todd’s up to something (Credit: ITV)

3. Todd schemes in Coronation Street spoilers

Glenda’s offended when she pops round to No. 11 with some washing and George announces he’s updating his will and wants Eileen to accept power of attorney.

Glenda storms out and suspicious Eileen heads to the undertakers to find Todd there. He’s plying George with tea and biscuits, but what’s he up to and will Eileen get to the bottom of it?

Corrie's Eileen looks at Todd suspiciously
Eileen’s suspicious (Credit: ITV)

4. Baby bombshell

With Leanne and Toyah fighting, tensions are high. And Leanne’s puzzled when Joel asks if she liked the rose Toyah bought her. She quizzes her sister but Toyah says she binned it.

Coronation Street: Toyah is upset
Toyah’s upset (Credit: ITV)

Later, Toyah’s adamant she did the right thing stopping the sleuths digging in the park and desecrating a special place. Nick’s bemused by her choice of words and when he comes home to find Toyah in tears, the pair chat.

Toyah admits that when she was 19 she gave birth to a stillborn baby girl, who she buried in the same place in the park as the sleuths were digging up.

She tells Nick that the baby’s father was Phil Simmonds – the man who raped her.

When Simon comes home, he says that Bobby told him the police have been digging in the park and rumours are they’ve found a body. Is Toyah in trouble?

Nick Tilsley talks to upset Toyah in Corrie
Toyah confides in Nick (Credit: ITV)

5. Asha in danger?

Asha’s arranged to meet the internet trolls she’s tracked down and Aadi agrees to go with her.

Corrie's Asha looks uncomfortable as two men sit either side of her in the precinct
Asha is in trouble as she meets the internet trolls (Credit: ITV)

But later Amy reveals the lady from the charity can no longer do her radio interview so she asks him to do it instead.

When Asha arrives at the precinct, she calls Aadi, but he’s with Amy and he doesn’t notice the missed calls. Meanwhile, Asha has decided to leave but as she does, Trueman67 and his sidekick, Banditman reveal themselves.

Is Asha in danger?

Coronation Street: Todd looks worried
Todd finds a copy of Archie Shuttleworth’s will (Credit: ITV)

5. Todd’s intrigued!

George files away his new will, as Todd watches on, intrigued.

Later, he has a sneaky read but he’s caught by Eileen who wants to know what he’s up to. When Todd reveals George is leaving him the business, Eileen points out he’d soon change his mind if he knew Todd had been snooping.

As Todd puts the will away, he discovers a copy of George’s dad Archie’s will and pockets it. What does it say?

Bernie in Coronation Street smiles as she sees Hannah and Paul interacting
Bernie watches Paul telling funny stories (Credit: ITV)

6. Bernie has an idea in Coronation Street spoilers

Amy tells Bernie she got the gig as a presenter on student radio, but complains that she’s short of a guest for her first live interview.

Later, Bernie watches as  Paul tells his PA Hannah funny stories and makes her laugh – and that gives Bernie an idea!

Leanne Battersby looks delighted as Rowan Cunliffe smiles at her in the bistro
Rowan tells Leanne to put herself first (Credit: ITV)

7. Leanne opens up to Rowan

Leanne’s feeling horrible and tells Nick he shouldn’t have kept Toyah’s secret from her – but when Rowan shows up, Leanne’s immediately happier.

Rowan tells Leanne she should let go of negativity and start some uploading. Leanne objects but Rowan urges her to put herself first.

When Toyah arrives to find Nick rushed off his feet because Leanne’s with Rowan, she’s not impressed and offers to help.

Meanwhile, Rowan’s encouraging Leanne to share all the bad things that have happened in her life as he listens intently. What’s he up to?

Coronation Street: Steve and Tim look annoyed as Steve looks at his phone
Steve arranges a date with Demi (Credit: ITV)

8. Coronation Street spoilers: Steve ‘s love life gets interesting!

Steve’s been chatting to online love interest Demi, but Tim’s not convinced she’s who she says she is. So he encourages his mate to arrange a date with Demi to make sure she’s telling the truth.

Fed up with Steve faffing, Tim grabs his phone and messages Demi suggesting a date!

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