Emmerdale spoilers comp image: Vinny, Rhona and Will (Credit: ITV/Comp ED!)

9 Emmerdale spoilers for next week including Tom plotting against Vinny, more court drama for Rhona and a mystery arrival for Will

Gabby is drawn into Tom's plan

Emmerdale spoilers for next week see Tom plot to get rid of Vinny – by setting him up with Gabby, Rhona is back in court and things don’t go to plan, and Will is keeping something – or rather someone – a secret.

Here are nine huge spoilers for Emmerdale next week.

Vinny is battered and bruised in Emmerdale
Vinny is feeling vulnerable (Credit: ITV)

1. Tom belittles Vinny

When Belle sees how bad Vinny’s bruises are, she insists on staying to look after him. However Tom is not happy and his jealousy causes him to bite.

He deliberately belittles Vinny, but later decides to bond with him. Belle wonders what Tom is up to, knowing there will be an ulterior motive…

Emmerdale: Gabby and Vinny laugh as Tom drinks his pint in the Woolpack
Will Gabby and Tom hit it off? (Credit: ITV)

2. Tom makes Belle jealous

It’s not long before Tom reveals what he’s up to: he’s going to find Vinny a girlfriend. He enjoys helping him look for one and eventually decides Gabby is the best option.

He sets up a drink for the three of them, but soon starts to enjoy Gabby’s company himself. Belle arrives and feels uncomfortable with their flirty closeness. Is Tom doing it on purpose?

Rhona Goskirk looks at Gus unsure over baby Ivy
Can Rhona really trust Gus? (Credit: ITV)

3. Rhona and Gus come to an agreement

Gus turns up and Marlon and Mary are surprised to see him unexpectedly. He makes them a promise no matter what happens they will always be part of Ivy’s life.

Marlon struggles to believe him and Rhona doesn’t give her feelings away. Later, though, Gus and Rhona promise to always put Ivy first from now on.

4. Gus in court in Emmerdale spoilers

Rhona is nervous about Gus’ sentencing day in court. Marlon supports her and reassures her, but it’s clear Rhona is really worried.

Once in court, Rhona begins to read her statement, but it’s not long before more drama unfolds…

Kim and Dawn in Emmerdale look at Billy, Kim is not happy
Kim says she’ll help – but she’s clearly not happy about it! (Credit: ITV)

5. Will and Kim agree to help Billy

Billy gets going with his PT business, but given how much he and Dawn have to do at home, he’s got too much on his plate. Will and Kim agree they will help Billy juggle childcare with his business.

However, soon, Will’s distracted…

Will talking to Rose on Emmerdale
Who is Rose? (Credit: ITV)

6. Who is Will visiting in Emmerdale spoilers?

A mysterious phone call sees Will slip away. He soon arrives at the hospital and heads into a room when he hears a familiar voice.

Will then comes face to face with Rose, someone from his past. But who is she? And why does Will fail to tell Kim where he’s been and who with when he returns home?

Emmerdale: Sarah looks stubborn as she works at the garage with Cain
Sarah isn’t massively impressed at first (Credit: ITV)

7. Sarah gets a new job

As she continues job hunting, Sarah’s not overly thrilled when Cain forces her into working at the garage. She stroppily begins her shift, but makes it clear she’s not impressed.

However, when a handsome customer comes in and Sarah fixes his car, things soon start looking up.

Although Mackenzie’s not impressed when Sarah suggests she’s going to replace him at the garage!

Emmerdale: Manpreet in workout gear smiles at Charles and Claudette
Can Manpreet put the sparkle back in things? (Credit: ITV)

8.Manpreet and Charles on the rocks

Trying to entice Charles, Manpreet is left feeling rejected when the vicar displays no interest at all. After another chat with Billy, she wonders if a dinner date is the answer to her relationship issues. Will it help?

Manpreet looks appreciatively at Billy during their workout session
Will Manpreet make a move? (Credit: ITV)

9. Manpreet likes Billy in Emmerdale spoilers

Manpreet is Billy’s first client as she begins PT sessions with him. She has found herself confiding in him of late, and soon realises she has a crush on him.

However, he’s too preoccupied with his own relationship to notice. Will Manpreet act on her feelings?

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