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Coronation Street: 5 dark theories on Phill Whittaker

Fans don't seem to trust Phill

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Coronation Street nice guy Phill Whittaker is hiding a huge secret from girlfriend Fiz Stape. Is it dark and dangerous? Is Phill really all he’s cracked up to be?

After Fiz was left broken by Tyrone leaving her for Alina, Phill swept in and felt safe and warm and stable.

Phill might appear to be a perfect family man, but fans haven’t been too sure for a long time.

And now it’s clear he is hiding something with Phill’s big secret set to be revealed next week.

What is he hiding? The top 5 theories on Phill Whittaker right here.

Coronation Street Phill’s secret: The theories

Fans have theories about Phill (Credit: ITV)

1. Phill in Coronation Street is married

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Some fans are convinced Phill is either already married with kids or potentially has another girlfriend.

Tyrone did previously suspect Phill had another woman on the go, it was soon proven to be completely innocent.

Could Phill have a wife already, though? Fans think so.

Corrie Phill gives an envelope to a mystery man
There’s definitely something dodgy going on… (Credit: ITV)

2. He’s a con man

Another popular theory is that Phill is a conman.

Fans are sure he’s “going to take Fiz for a ride”.

Fiz is investing in their new house, but is Phill going to take her money and run?

Hope is John Stape’s daughter – is Phill her uncle? (Credit: ITV)

3. Phill is another Stape

In 2019, viewers were introduced to Jade Rowan, Hope Stape’s home tutor.

Jade turned out to Hope’s older half-sister, the oldest daughter of John Stape.

Now fans suspect Phill could also be a secret Stape, maybe John’s brother!

Fiz and Phill have been dating for months (Credit: ITV)

4. He’s a serial killer

Another theory which is worth noting is that Phill could be a criminal

Although there is no evidence, it is a soap and anything is possible in Soapland!

Does Fiz have a killer type?!

Coronation Street Phill pleads his case
Phill has to plead his case to Fiz (Credit: ITV)

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5. He’s going to sell her story

When Fiz confessed she hadn’t been honest about her past and her husband was serial killer John Stape, Phill said he already knew.

Of course he did – she kept his surname and is living on the same street.

But it begs the question, if Phill already knew, why didn’t he say anything?

Is he thinking of selling her story?

Do you think Phill is dodgy or do you think he could just be a nice guy? Let us know your theories.

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