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Coronation Street: 5 most pointless characters

These five characters are the dullest around

Coronation Street has produced some of the most iconic soap characters in history.

It is after all the original soap that spawned a million imitations – but that doesn’t mean it’s immune to creating duds.

And here are five of the most pointless characters on the cobbles at the moment.

Summer is anything but in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)
Summer is anything but in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Summer Spellman

It’s a wonder they even noticed she was slipping into a coma – the only difference was that she wasn’t moaning for five minutes.

You can only imagine the temptation to leave her to it and let her slip away peacefully.

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Summer’s sole function seems to be ‘boring teen’ and good lord does she excel at that – but it’s all a bit meh.

There was universal indifference when she knocked back some drugs and even less interest now she’s got diabetes – though it has given her something else to moan about.

With all this to deal with it’s a wonder Billy isn’t shooting up in the vestry again.

Abi is exhausted - and so are we (Credit: ITV)
Abi is exhausted – and so are we (Credit: ITV)

Abi Franklin

There is no longer any point of Abi being in Weatherfield.

She’s given away two kids, lost another and now her fourth is part of a custody battle with Imraan Habeeb – and he’s going soon too.

Abi has few friends and even fewer ties to the community who don’t really want her.

Even Roy seems a bit tired of her endless dramas.

Coronation Street - Eileen Grimshaw's Best Moments

Eileen Grimshaw

This is painful but after years of being a near cobbles icon, Eileen Grimshaw is dwindling out of favour.

Gone are her brawls with Gail Platt, or barbed comments in the pub – and they’ve been replaced by a dull storyline about a fake cat and a funeral director.

If she wasn’t the cobbles’ resident TARDIS-like boarding house, Eileen wouldn’t have anything to do.

Sean Tully is to Corrie what cobbles are (Credit: ITV)
Sean Tully is to Corrie what cobbles are (Credit: ITV)

Sean Tully

Time was when Sean was a Marmite character – people either loved him or they hated him.

Well after decades on Coronation Street it’s safe to say that has dwindled to complete indifference.

He doesn’t do anything, he doesn’t provide anything that other characters don’t do better – and honestly what is the point of him being there?

Sass in the Rovers – Daisy or Jenny. Sass in the factory – literally anyone else.

He was the only character who turned out to be homeless and everyone wanted him to stay gone.

Nicky has returned to the cobbles and we still don't know why (Credit: ITV)
Nicky has returned to Coronation Street and we still don’t know why (Credit: ITV)

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Nicky Wheatley

For an ex-sex-worker-turned-teaching-assistant single mother, Nicky spends a lot of time hanging around Daniel Osbourne.

We just can’t work out why. Is it to cause Daisy to become jealous? Is it to give Daniel a chance to become a cheat just like his dad?

Surely there are better characters to do it with than Nicky who is just incredibly pointless in the grand scheme of things?

It’s all so very weak, lifeless and listless.

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