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Coronation Street: 5 theories on George Shuttleworth’s secret

What could George be hiding?

Coronation Street fans have come up with numerous theories as to what George Shuttleworth‘s dark secret could be.

Last week George avoided his evening with Eileen to spend time with his cat, but fans are suspicious and think he could be hiding a huge secret.

Here are 5 theories on what George could be hiding in Coronation Street.

Coronation Street: 5 theories on George Shuttleworth’s secret

Could George and Pat be related somehow? (Credit: ITV)

1. Coronation Street: George is related to Pat Phelan

One theory fans have is George is related to Eileen’s ex-husband, killer Pat Phelan.

Pat and Eileen married in 2017, however he scammed and murdered multiple cobbles residents.

He even tried to kill Eileen before his death in May 2018.

Last year it was revealed George had Pat’s ashes at his funeral directors, which were discovered by Eileen’s son Todd.

George is the son of Archie Shuttleworth, but fans think Pat and George could secretly be related.

2. He’s having an affair/He’s secretly married

Another theory is he’s either having an affair or he’s secretly married.

Could that be the real reason he doesn’t want Eileen to stay over?

Coronation Street: Angry Eileen confronts George
Some fans think George could be married, but others have darker theories (Credit: ITV)

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3. He has a dead body in his house

George is an undertaker. He took over the Shuttleworth’s funeral services after his father passed away.

But some are convinced he could have a dead body in his house.

4. George lives with his mother

A popular theory is that George could live with his mother.

Archie is George’s father however his mother has never been named.

Some fans have suggested that he could live with his mother and she could be unwell.

Coronation Street Eileen sitting in the Rovers looking perplexed
Eileen has become suspicious about George, but what is he hiding? (Credit: ITV)

5. He really does have a cat

One fan has suggested that perhaps George really does have an overprotective cat and that really is the reason he doesn’t want Eileen to come over.

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