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Coronation Street: The Bailey family don’t deserve the hate they get, fans protest

The Bailey family have now been defended

Currently on Coronation Street, the Bailey family have had a lot to deal with as Ed’s gambling addiction tears them all apart.

Ed’s got himself into a mess, with his family turning his back on him in recent scenes.

The family have been far from Corrie favourites, but now some fans have rushed to defend the unpopular soap characters.

Ed has caused tension in his family (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Ed’s gambling addiction

Ed’s been struggling as of late as he’s spent huge sums of money on his gambling.

With his debts building up, the bailiffs recently arrived to take some of his things but he asked them to take his tools from the Builder’s Yard instead.

It wasn’t long before the yard then caught on fire, with Michael’s life being at risk whilst being trapped inside the burning site.


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With Michael rescued, he started to accuse Ed of starting the fire so that he could claim on the insurance.

Finding out from Michael about Ed’s recent situation, Aggie ended her 34 year marriage with Ed over the phone.

Dee-Dee then found out that Ed had watched the fire start but had let it spread, failing to stop it.

With this, Ed had truly turned his family against him, But, can this family tension be rectified?

Fans have praised the family for their emotional scenes this week (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans defend unpopular Bailey family

For a while now, fans of the ITV soap have asked for the Baileys to be axed from the soap. They’ve found them really boring and aren’t really fans of the gambling storyline.

However, after this week’s scenes, fans have praised the family for their emotional and realistic scenes. They’re now defending the family and have backtracked on previous hate for them.

One fan said: “Appreciation for the Baileys and show. I think the whole Bailey family were amazing last night especially DeeDee…”

Another person commented: “I think they’re doing better than most other families that were introduced at once. Yeah two of the original four have gone but that’s pretty good considering.”

A third viewer responded: “Must say I was impressed and thought Ed & Michael really redeemed themselves in this episode (and Dee Dee was good too). But alas I fear it’s short lived.”

Can Ed make things right? (Credit: ITV)

Can Ed get back on track?

Ed’s not at his best right now as his family continue to turn their backs on him. However, Craig recently informed him that he’ll soon be able to claim on the insurance for the fire.

But, can Ed pay off his debts? Can he regain his family’s trust and support?

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