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Coronation Street: Bobby is the next cobbles serial killer, a new fan theory predicts

Bobby is rousing suspicion left, right and centre

Coronation Street fans were up in arms last night when Roy Cropper was denied bail and in a bid to get him out, Bobby lied to the police. He gave a fake description of the kidnapper to DS Swain, but he may have just made things worse.

In fact, viewers are so unimpressed with his stupid move, they have insisted he’s the one who should be locked up, not Roy.

And in amongst the furore over Bobby’s behaviour, several have begun speculating not only is he behind Lauren’s disappearance, but also that he’s in line to be the next Coronation Street killer.

Ds Swain in Coronation Street seriously quizzes Bobby
Bobby changed his statement, which may not have been the best idea (Credit: ITV)

Bobby lies to the police in Coronation Street

After Roy was denied bail and sent to prison until his trial, Bobby was left feeling guilty. In a bid to help he decided to change his statement to the police.

He headed to see DS Swain and told her a fabricated story about how he had confronted an intruder in Lauren’s flat. He said the man in question was wearing a balaclava so he couldn’t see his face, and a coat with a fur-trimmed hood.

DS Swain was very suspicious as to why Bobby was changing his statement. But Bobby lied that the man had told him if he told anyone Lauren would die and it would Bobby’s fault. He said he was scared to come forward.

Bobby then returned home to Carla and told her what he’d done. He explained he had lied to the police that Carla knew about it too. Carla was fuming to be drawn into the lie: “You made up a murderer?!” she screeched.

But Bobby insisted it was the best way to free Roy and she needed to go along with it – to save both Roy’s skin and now Bobby’s too. After all, lying to the police is a criminal offence.

Fans unhappy

After the scenes, viewers at home were not impressed with what Bobby had done. Many called for him to go to jail instead of Roy.

“Bobby on Corrie: ‘do you want to see me go to jail for lying to the police?’ Actually, yes,” joked one.

Someone else agreed: “Yes Bobby we all want to see you behind bars lying through your teeth.”

Another added: “Bobby: ‘Do you want to see me locked up for making a false statement?’ The Entire Country: ‘Yes’.”

Coronation Street: Bobby looks serious as he asks Carla to lie
Is Bobby confusing matters to cover his own tracks? (Credit: ITV)

Did Bobby kill his mum in Coronation Street?

Meanwhile one fan joked: “It’s such a mystery why Bobby’s mum kicked him out.” This refers to how Bobby arrived at Christmas when he told his newfound Aunty Carla his mum had thrown him out.

And several others began to reply with the same idea – that Bobby killed her, is behind Lauren’s disappearance and is actually the new Street serial killer.

“Maybe he killed her…” one suggested.

And another one agreed: “Perhaps she didn’t and Bobby is the next Corrie serial killer. It’s always the quiet ones you least suspect.”

Someone quickly commented back: “That would make too much sense. I just can’t fathom why else anyone would think it a good idea to make up a fake murderer otherwise, even if he’s trying to protect Roy. Are we really meant to believe that Bobby is that dense that he wouldn’t realise that doing so would make himself look suspicious in the process, when the police later realise he was lying?”

On Lauren, others were sure Bobby is behind it. One wrote: “Suddenly I’m thinking Bobby did it Never liked him much anyway tbh. Got his feet under the table well too early.”

“Starting to wonder if Bobby is guilty as hell tbh,” added one more.

And a third wrote: “I recently said I liked Bobby, but getting really suspicious of him now, his behaviour is really strange.”


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Bobby’s lies frame Daniel

Later this week, Daniel comes under suspicion again after it’s discovered he donated a similar coat as described by Bobby to the charity shop. As Swain arrives to question him, Daniel knows he’s in trouble.

Daniel and Nicky in Corrie smile as they embrace and Deana looks on
Daniel could be making himself look guilty (Credit: ITV)

He decides to do some digging himself after finding out from Bethany that Lauren could have been working as an escort. Daniel contacts old flame Nicky, now a community support worker, to see if she knows anything.

However Max and Bobby follow him to the meeting and take pictures of him talking to prostitutes. Will this end up making things worse for Daniel?

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