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Coronation Street: Curtis is lying to take money from Oliver’s fund, fans predict

Curtis's secret was revealed

Coronation Street fans have predicted that Curtis has been lying about his heart condition to Emma in order to take money from Oliver’s fund – which is run by her father Steve.

Earlier this year Curtis first appeared in Corrie and caught Emma’s eye. But it became clear he was hiding something.

He eventually told Emma he has a heart condition, but doctors haven’t been able to diagnose the exact condition yet.

Emma’s dad Steve set up Oliver’s fund (Credit: ITV)

Despite not having a diagnosis, Curtis told her he feared he could die at any point and recently got down on one knee, proposing to his girlfriend.

In last night’s scenes (Wednesday, December 1) Curtis went to see a specialist and went into the appointment alone, but was told by the doctor that there is nothing wrong with his heart.

Ackley Bridge star Sam Retford as Curtis in Corrie
Curtis went to see a doctor but was told he has nothing wrong with his heart (Credit: ITV)

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However the doctor did explain he had concerns Curtis is suffering from a factitious disorder.

A factitious disorder is a mental disorder in which someone deceives others by appearing sick. They do this by deliberately producing, feigning or exaggerating symptoms.

Fans have been predicting that Curtis could be lying to Emma in order to try and get his hands on the money from Oliver’s fund – a charity set up by Steve after his three-year-old son Oliver died battling a life-limiting for of mitochondrial disease.

Coronation Street star Sam Retford reveals the real reason Curtis is lying to Emma

Speaking about the reason for Curtis’s lies, Sam Retford, who plays Curtis, told Entertainment Daily and other media at a recent press event: “It comes from a place of neglect and forming inauthentic relationships with people in his childhood.

“His preconceived notion with what it is to feel loved is built on really unstable foundations.”

He went on to explain it all stems from things that happened when Curtis was younger.

Sam explained why Curtis is lying (Credit: ITV)

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“It comes from a need to manipulate situations so he gets that feeling. He’s just lonely.

“There’s quite a lot that happened to him when he was younger and he saw a light and found it was easy to tap into people’s empathy towards him, and why wouldn’t you?

He’s human. There’s traits of him in all of us.

“If we all had a button we could press and it means that people love you of course we’d sit there pressing it all day long because it’s a nice thing to have people care for you.

“When you don’t have that as a kid, you chase it and he’s pretty lost.”

Sam added that what Curtis is doing is not malicious: “He’s human. There’s traits of him in all of us.”

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