Coronation Street, Daniel Osbourne, Summer Spellman

Coronation Street’s Daniel Osbourne faces trouble after Max Turner’s actions

It's not looking good for the school teacher after tonight's episode

Coronation Street teacher Daniel Osbourne is in a whole lot of trouble after bad lad Max Turner struck again on tonight’s double-bill (Monday, December 6).

Troubled teenager Max has jumped to the wrong conclusion and thinks there’s something inappropriate happening between Daniel and pupil, Summer Spellman.

During tonight’s episode of the ITV soap, Max secretly filmed a friendly (but innocent) exchange between Daniel and Summer.

Max decided to investigate further and snooped through Summer’s school bag.

He found the love poem that Daniel wrote to support Summer’s university application.

Unfortunately, Max took the poem as proof that Daniel and Summer are having a secret relationship!

“I think Max has a huge crush on Summer,” says Paddy Bever who took over the role of Max this year. “She’s the only person who’s giving him the time of day at the moment, everyone else is quite dismissive of him.

“He sees Summer as this positive female role model, having lost his mum. So that’s another reason why he’s so protective of this relationship.”

Coronation Street: Shock showdown at the Ice Ball

Coronation Street, Max Turner, Daniel Osbourne, Summer Spellman
Max made a shock allegation against Daniel on tonight’s Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

At the school’s end-of-year Ice Ball arrived, Max got drunk on a bottle of vodka.

In the heat of the moment, Max confronted Daniel and accused him of abusing his position of authority with Summer.

Summer was furious about Max’s bad behaviour.

But when she angrily put Max in his place and called him “a pathetic little boy”, Summer just made things worse…

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Max punched Daniel and then jumped on stage to publicly accuse him of sleeping with Summer!

To prove his point, Max then shared his video footage of Daniel and Summer with the entire school…

Will Daniel get arrested and lose his job?

Coronation Street, Summer Spellman, Max Turner
Summer angrily confronts Max on Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Deputy headteacher Mrs Cranshaw and Summer’s guardian Billy Mayhew were both witness to Max’s confrontation with Daniel.

Could they misinterpret that video footage of Daniel and Summer innocently chatting on the Street?

Will Summer have no choice but to come clean and admit that she is the one who has secret feelings for Daniel and not the other way around?

Or is it going to be too late to save Daniel’s job and his professional reputation?

“Max sees the best in Summer so he would never assume that it’s her who has feelings for Daniel,” continues Paddy. “He just presumes that she’s being taken advantage of. Max already has very little respect for Daniel.”

Coronation Street - Max Secretly Films Daniel & Summer

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