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Coronation Street: Ed and Michael not being killed off in the fire was a ‘missed opportunity,’ fans complain

Ed and Michael survived the blaze

Last night on the cobbles (Wednesday, January 24), the Coronation Street builder’s yard caught fire which ended up putting Michael’s life at risk.

Heroically, Ed then ran into the building to help rescue his son and bring him out to safety.

Now, Coronation Street fans have blasted the show for missing a trick – writers could’ve easily axed the Bailey family from the show.

Michael cried out for help (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Michael was trapped in a fire

Yesterday, the builder’s yard caught fire. Michael saw the flames and ran inside, thinking that Ed’s life was at risk.

However, once he went inside of the burning building he realised that Ed wasn’t in there after all.

Ed heard Michael scream for help and teamed up with Damon in forcing the door of the yard open.

He then went up the stairs and got Michael out. Michael ended up going to hospital but nothing major was wrong with him.

Afterwards, Craig shared his suspicions with DS Swain that Ed might’ve started the fire in a bid to claim on the insurance.

Ed looks worried on Corrie
Fans don’t like Michael and Ed (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans want Ed and Michael to be axed from soap

Corrie fans aren’t that bothered about Ed’s gambling storyline and especially aren’t fans of Ed and Michael as characters.

They’re now complaining that the soap missed the chance to kill the Bailey father and son off in the fire and write to them out of the soap.


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One person exclaimed: “Oh, what a missed opportunity Corrie! Ed and Michael in that burning building!”

Another added: “Missed the perfect chance to rid the street of that awful family.”

A third person complained: “Was hoping the whole Bailey family would have gone up in that fire.”

A final viewer finished: “Perfect opportunity to wipe out the Bailey family and they waste it.”

Michael accuses Ed (Credit: ITV)

What caused the fire?

Next week, Michael accuses Ed of starting the fire on purpose. He thinks he committed arson so that he could claim on the insurance and clear up his debts.

However, the police then confirm that the fire was started by an electrical heater, making Ed in the clear. But, will Ed forgive Michael for pointing the finger at him?

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Michael Gets TRAPPED In A Fire And Can't Escape | Coronation Street

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