Soap characters in prison for others’ crimes: Coronation Street and Emmerdale’s biggest injustices

Some characters just really enjoy being in prison

In both Coronation Street and Emmerdale some characters maddeningly take the blame for crimes of others.

Some murder, some rob, some attack – and some take the blame for crimes they haven’t even committed.

Here are the biggest examples of characters in prison when they really shouldn’t be.

Laura Neelan is in prison for Gary's crime in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)
Laura Neelan is in prison for Gary’s crime in Coronation Street (Credit: ITV)

Laura Neelan – Coronation Street

She spent her entire life being a terrible and frankly abusive mother.

Not quite as bad as heroin addict Abi Franklin, but close, and she was the wife of gangster loan shark Rick Neelan.

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So when she got diagnosed with terminal cancer, everyone was surprised when Laura finally did something selfless and took the blame for Rick’s murder.

Protecting killer Gary Windass so he could protect her daughter Kelly.

It might get her through the new few weeks – but when the secret comes out, it’s going to destroy Kelly.

Gary went to prison for his sister Faye's crime (Credit: ITV)
Gary went to prison for his sister Faye’s crime (Credit: ITV)

Gary Windass – Coronation Street

He might currently be letting Laura Neelan spend her final days in prison for a crime he committed, but Gary is no stranger to this.

Last year he popped behind bars for the crime his sister Faye committed in trying to kill Adam Barlow.

She actually meant to kill rapist boss Ray Crosby but got Adam instead.

But it was nice of Gary to take the blame – until he didn’t and she went to prison.

Emmerdale - Adam Barton's Final Appearance (2nd January 2018)

Adam Barton – Emmerdale

For a man who spent most of his time in the village moaning about his overbearing mother, Adam Barton had quite the turnaround by the end.

Not only did he protect his mum by lying about what happened to deranged killer aunt Emma Barton – but he became son of the year.

For reasons that still don’t make sense, Adam decided to take responsibility for killing Emma.

And then he fled abroad for a new life after escaping prison.

Tony is dead so can't clear his own name (Credit: ITV)
Tony is dead so can’t clear his own name (Credit: ITV)

Tony Stewart – Coronation Street

Poor Tony.

He was a bully, a thug and a conman – but all people in Weatherfield remember him as is a killer of an even bigger thug.

And he didn’t even murder Callum Logan – that honour went to Kylie Platt.

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Still, Tony will mostly be remembered as the man who Liz McDonald out-conned to get the Rovers back after he cheated on her with Tracy Barlow.

It was a tough few years on the Street.

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