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Coronation Street fans blast latest ‘painful’ episode: ‘Anyone else relieved that is over?’

Ed and Simon aren't providing fans with the entertainment they're craving

Yesterday’s episode of Coronation Street (Monday, January 29), saw Ed confess that he knew about the fire and had failed to put it out afterwards.

Elsewhere, Simon was disappointed when Peter called him and revealed that he could no longer join him on the ship.

Corrie fans have now blasted the soap after having to endure last night’s ‘painful’ episode.

Ed knew about the fire (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Ed made a confession to Dee-Dee

Viewers will know that a fire recently broke out at the Builder’s Yard, almost killing Michael who became trapped inside.

Michael had accused Ed last night of starting the fire so that he could claim on the insurance and clear his gambling debts.

Dee-Dee defended her father as Michael phoned up Aggie and told her about the fire and the gambling.

Later on, Dee-Dee felt betrayed as Ed admitted that he was at the yard when the fire broke out.

Instead of putting it out, he allowed the fire to spread. He’d even made sure that Daniel and Bertie weren’t in the Builder’s Yard flat so that they wouldn’t get hurt.

Elsewhere, Simon continued to get drunk as he struggled with the fact that his holiday plans had been cancelled by Peter.

In other scenes, Steve could be seen heading off to France as his mates obsessed over Tommy Orpington.

Coronation Street fans complain about recent awful episode

Corrie fans really couldn’t care less about the Simon and Ed storylines and have described last night’s episode as hard to watch because of this.

One viewer wondered: “Anybody else relieved that episode is over and we’re saved from any more screeching?”

Another person added: “I was just thinking what was more painful… the toothache I had earlier or sitting through tonight’s episode?”

A third person commented: “[Bleep] this has to be the end for Coronation Street. The acting is painful to watch, cringe making.”

A final fan ended: “What an absolutely dire episode this is! 30 mins of Ed pretending to cry, 20 minutes of Tracy and Tommy O flirting with each other and 10 minutes of Bethany sat in the Rovers with her laptop!”


ED Coronation Street WhatsApp call to action advert

Bethany looks for work (Credit: ITV)

What’s coming up in Coronation Street next?

In tomorrow night’s episode of Corrie (Wednesday, January 31), Tracy continues to flirt with Tommy as he admits that he fancies her. But, will they both act on their obvious desires?

Elsewhere, Bethany looks at her overdraft and hides it from Sarah whilst making excuses to Daniel about having to work.

She then meets up with Suki from the Gazette and asks if there’s any work going. But, just how much financial trouble is Bethany in?

In another storyline, Michael feels awful when Craig explains that Ed never started the fire but an electrical heater did.

And, Simon gets a job at the Bistro… But, will he actually work hard enough to keep it this time?

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Coronation Street - Simon Receives A Call From His Dad (29th January 2024)

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