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Coronation Street fans predict Daisy and Jenny punishment twist after they steal Carla’s money

Will karma come back around?

Last night in Coronation Street (Wednesday, December 20), Daisy and Jenny decided to buy the pub with the money they stole from Carla.

Daisy had managed to get into Stephen’s accounts and managed to persuade Jenny that they should take the money for themselves.

Coronation Street fans have now predicted that Daisy and Jenny will get what’s coming to them in due course.

Coronation Street's Jenny and Daisy are smiling together
Daisy and Jenny were over the moon (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Daisy and Jenny stole the factory’s money

Yesterday, Daisy was delighted that she had cracked Stephen’s passwords and had been able to access the stolen Underworld money.

She them broke the news to Jenny who wasn’t happy with the situation. However, she felt a little bit better when she found out that Daisy hadn’t stolen Stephen’s journal but had picked it out of the rubbish.

Daisy then suggested that Jenny take some of the money to buy the pub, but Jenny felt strongly against the idea.

After speaking to Carla and realising that Carla wouldn’t give her some money to borrow, Jenny decided to take the opportunity, vowing to pay Carla back before she ever finds out that they’d taken it.

With this decision, Jenny and Daisy then celebrated getting their hands on the cash to buy the Rovers.

Coronation Street's Daisy is serious
Fans have pointed out that everyone will find out (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street fans predict huge twist in Daisy and Jenny plot

Coronation Street fans have now predicted that Daisy and Jenny will soon be punished for stealing Carla’s money – they won’t get away with it for long.

As soon as they buy the pub, everyone (and especially Carla) will wonder how they suddenly secured enough to buy it back, rumbling their schemes.

One fan said: “So Daisy thinks she can just buy the pub outright without raising suspicion?”

Another commented: “Carla is gonna be livid with Jenny and Daisy! Karma’s gonna come for them.”

A third viewer predicted: “Carla’s gonna know there’s something funny about Daisy & Jenny’s new found wealth and the Rovers reopening. They’ll never be able to buy a decent pair of knickers again.”

A fourth fan finished: “Can’t wait for this to backfire on Daisy and Jenny.”

Daisy looks worried on Corrie
Will their schemes get exposed? (Credit: ITV)

Will Daisy and Jenny get caught?

Daisy and Jenny are excited to finally reopen Weatherfield’s iconic pub, which will open before the year is out.

But, will Carla realise where they got the money from? And, will the pair get their punishment?

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Daisy Wants To Steal From Carla | Coronation Street

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