Coronation Street: Gail fans slam soap bosses for turning her into a ‘buffoon character’

Fans want more storylines for Gail

Coronation Street fans have demanded better storylines for Gail after her scenes in last night’s episode (Monday, October 24).

Gail ended up bumping into Eileen while she practised her Italian, which caused an argument between the two women.

But Coronation Street fans are not happy about how Gail has changed.

Gail bumped into Eileen while practising her Italian (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Gail bumping into Eileen

In last night’s episode, Gail was walking down the street practising her Italian on her phone.

She was so interested that she didn’t see Eileen Grimshaw leaving her house carrying some pumpkins.

Gail ended up bumping into Eileen and she dropped the pumpkins.

They smashed on the ground and a furious Eileen had a go at Gail.

Gail was too focused on her phone to see where she was going (Credit: ITV)

Gail told her she didn’t see her but as she offered to help, Eileen slipped on the pumpkins and fell, hitting her head.

She laughed and tried to help Eileen up but her laughter quickly turned to panic when she realised Eileen was unconscious.

Soon Eileen was taken off to the hospital by George and Sean.

However fans have not been impressed with Gail’s recent scenes, slamming bosses for turning her character into a ‘laughing stock’ and ‘buffoon’ pointing out she was once a feisty character.

Corrie fans demand more ‘gritty’ storylines for Gail

This isn’t the first time fans have complained about how Gail has changed.

Back in June Gail was cleaning outside the Bistro, singing along to Reach for the Stars by S Club 7.

She ended up accidentally splashing dirty water on her daughter-in-law, Shona‘s shoes.

At the time fans weren’t happy with the direction that the character Gail is going in and demanded more serious storylines for the character instead of ‘cringe’ singing scenes.

What storylines would you like to see for Gail?

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