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Coronation Street fans convinced George Shuttleworth is hiding sinister secret from Eileen Grimshaw

And they know what it is

Coronation Street fans are convinced they have rumbled George Shuttleworth’s secret.

The funeral director has been keeping something major hidden from love interest Eileen Grimshaw.

Serial killer Pat Phelan terrorised Coronation Street for years (Credit: ITV)
Serial killer Pat Phelan terrorised Coronation Street for years (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: What is George playing at?

Viewers have watched him in recent weeks make every excuse under the sun why he can’t sleep at Eileen’s house – and why she can’t visit his.

After a false start with a secret wife, George insisted to a suspicious Eileen that he has an over-protective cat.

Insisting he can’t leave Ridley alone at night, George offered to take Eileen out to a restaurant instead of cooking at his home.

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Eileen confronted him about his unlikely story but he stuck to it.

And now she’s suspicious about what he’s really hiding – but she’s not alone.

Last year George kept the secret that her murdering husband, Pat Phelan, had returned from the dead.

Coronation Street - George, Todd & Pat Phelan’s Ashes (3rd September 2021)

Though it wasn’t in the flesh – just his ashes but George and Todd didn’t want Eileen to know.

Todd had lied and told her the ashes belonged to an old lady who had no one to bury her.

Eileen then decided to give the old lady, Patsy Freeman, a proper send off.

But as she delivered a moving eulogy, George realised he couldn’t keep lying to her.

Eileen was shocked to discover the ashes were actually Pat’s and fled in terror.

George later arrived at Eileen’s pleading for her forgiveness.

He explained that he was trying to save her feelings, but had got it really wrong.

Eileen forgave him and they gave their blossoming romance another try.

At the time George insisted he had to keep Pat’s ashes as an undertaker, but with his secrets set to be exposed, fans think he had a family connection to the killer.

Is George hiding his secret connection to evil Phelan? (Credit: ITV)
Is George hiding his secret connection to evil Phelan? (Credit: ITV)

Eileen in danger?

In fact, they think George is his brother and wants revenge on Eileen.

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One said: “George is Pat Phelan’s brother isn’t he #Corrie”

A second said: “George Phelan?”.

A third added: “I’ve got a funny Phelan about George…”.

So is Eileen in danger? Time will tell…

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