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Coronation Street: Georgia Taylor reveals what really happened when Toyah crashed the car and killed Imran

Imran died in May

Coronation Street star Georgia Taylor has revealed what she believes happened when Toyah crashed the car with Imran inside.

Next week Toyah’s trial gets underway for the murder of her husband Imran.

But what really happened in the car when Toyah crashed?

There is a car crash on Coronation Street and Toyah and Imran lie unconscious in the wreckage
Imran died after the car crash (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Imran’s death

The few months before Imran’s death were difficult for him and Toyah.

After discovering he was the father of Abi Webster‘s son Alfie, Toyah was devastated.

However she decided to forgive him and the pair got married and went for custody of Alfie.

Imran didn’t exactly play fair in the battle for custody and paid a man named Ben to say he saw Abi buying drugs, ruining her chances of having Alfie.

Eventually Imran was forced to come clean to Toyah as she drove back from the police station.

Just before the crash Imran confessed to lying about Abi and Toyah told him that she hated him.

Not long later, Toyah crashed the car into a building.

Imran pulled Toyah from the crash but he soon died from cardiac arrest.

As police began to investigate they found the car brakes weren’t used, making the crash look deliberate.

They also realised Imran had left Toyah a voicemail before he got in the car, which she deleted.

She was charged with murder and next week will be on trial. But did Toyah actually mean to kill Imran?

Toyah will be in court in upcoming scenes (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street: Georgia Taylor reveals what really happened when Toyah crashed the car

When asked if she was shocked to find out that Toyah knew what she was doing when she crashed the car, actress Georgia explained that she didn’t originally know if Toyah crashed the car to try and kill Imran.

However it was only as she started receiving her scripts that she started to piece together what had happened the moment Toyah crashed.

Speaking to Entertainment Daily and other media she said: “I still think it’s a grey area and I still think it’s very interesting because she didn’t get in the car meaning to kill him, or hurt him, absolutely not.

Imran Habeeb tries to get injured Toyah out of the car wreckage
Imran pulled Toyah from the crash (Credit: ITV)

“The way I’m trying to understand it is that she had a few seconds where the red mist descended and she completely just lost her mind for a second and I guess in the same way that someone could punch someone in a moment of rage or despair.

“I’ve never punched anyone myself so I don’t know exactly what that moment is.

“But I guess just a slightly more extreme version of someone driving a car and just going ‘I don’t care what happens,’ boom and then before you know it they’ve hit the building.”

Will you be watching Toyah’s trial in next week’s scenes?

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