Coronation Street first look pictures

Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for Aug 15-19

Summer collapses and Faye does something she soon regrets

Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal that Summer collapses after receiving her A Level results leaving Aaron distraught.

Elsewhere on the Street, Faye leans in for a kiss with Michael after growing frustrated with Craig.

Also, Audrey makes a confession.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

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1. Audrey confesses all

Audrey makes a confession in Coronation Street

Audrey goes out for afternoon tea with her friends and notices Claudia rowing with Charles.

Giving their support to Claudia, Rita remembers that it was Audrey’s birthday not too long ago, arranging for a cake to be presented to her.

Audrey at afternoon tea in Coronation Street

Just before the cake comes out and the waiter sings happy birthday, Audrey makes a shock confession.

How will her friends react?

2. Audrey wants to reopen the salon

Coronation Street Audrey tells Stephen about her suicide attempt

Audrey wants to reopen her salon and give it a revamp but Stephen soon realises that she has an ulterior motive after speaking to Ken and Rita.

As his mother sugar-coats the truth, Stephen wants her to sign over the trust fund.

Will he find out the truth?

3. Sarah makes a discovery

The Underworld website needs updating so Stephen and Max team up to get the job done.

Sarah thinks their website designer, Lorenzo, is the better option and rings him up.

Sarah and Stephen in Coronation Street

Lorenzo tells her that he hasn’t been paid for six months much to Sarah’s disbelief.

Stephen lies that he stopped the payment after he found out that Lorenzo had been stealing money.

What is Stephen covering up?

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4. Craig’s frustrating Faye

Faye and Craig in Coronation Street

Craig tells Faye’s boss, Carla, to go lightly on Faye at work due to her menopause.

Faye is embarrassed after learning what he has done.

Craig and Faye in Coronation Street

Craig’s overprotectiveness of Faye reaches a new level as he gives her a nightie designed to regulate her body temperature, making his partner lash out.

Craig packs his bags and heads off to his mum’s house.

5. Faye makes a move on Michael

Faye and Michael chat in Coronation Street

Faye gets jealous after seeing Craig and his colleague Jess working together on a community project.

Finishing an order, the factory staff celebrate in the Rovers leading Faye to get drunk.

Faye makes a pass at Michael in Coronation Street

Not thinking, Faye starts talking to Michael and soon leans in to kiss him.

Can Faye and Craig resolve things?

6. Leanne warns Toyah

Toyah and Spider with Griff in Coronation Street

Spider’s fellow protester, Griff, arrives and soon has Toyah involved in their next protest.

Telling Toyah that Griff is trouble, Spider warns Toyah to stay away from him but Leanne gets the wrong idea.

Leanne blames Spider for getting Toyah involved in his antics and warns her sister to steer clear.

Will Toyah listen to her sister?

7. Aaron confides in Summer

Summer finds Aaron with a swollen lip and questions him.

After initially lashing out at his girlfriend, Aaron tells her that his dad is an alcoholic and caused the injury.

8. Summer collapses

It’s A Level results day for Summer but she is devastated when she opens her results to find that she has been disqualified from English.

Aaron goes to pick Summer up ready for their holiday but is left shocked as she collapses.

The couple miss their flight with Aaron discovering that Summer hasn’t been taking her insulin again.

He goes through her bag and finds something shocking.

What is it?

9. Yasmeen breaks down over Stu

Yasmeen in Speed Daal in Coronation Street

Yasmeen finds out that Stu could be released from prison very soon, causing her to suffer a panic attack at her fundraiser.

Stu desperately wants to speak to Yasmeen but she wants nothing to do with him.

Zeedan goes behind his gran’s back and tries to support Stu with his case.

He asks Adam for Stu’s case files in the hope that they will show his innocence.

Can Zeedan get Stu out of prison?

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10. Alya and Zeedan team up to help Stu

Alya and Zeedan in Coronation Street

Adam tells Zeedan that he can access Stu’s case files for £1200.

Zeedan asks Alya to help him and pay half of the legal fees with him.

Agreeing, the pair hand over the money to Adam.

What will the case files prove?

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