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Coronation Street spoilers: First look at all-new pics for April 25-29

Max feels the pressure while Tim's feeling down

Coronation Street spoilers for next week see Daniel’s feud with Max flare up once more – with disastrous consequences.

Meanwhile, there’s drama on Toyah and Imran’s hen and stag parties, while George has a reluctant sleepover.

All this and more in next week’s Coronation Street spoilers.

1. Nicky moves in

Coronation Street Nicky moves into Daniels, Daniel helps her unload the car

After her sex worker past is exposed by Max, Nicky has no job and no home.

Feeling guilty, Daniel decides to offer her a roof over her head at his.

2. Daniel’s done with Max

Coronation Street Daniel confronts Max and David over Nicky on street at night

Daniel loses his temper at Max for ruining Daisy’s life, and David leaps to his son’s defence.

Furious, Daniel insists it is time Max started taking responsibility for his actions – and insists Max tells Amy that he was the one who spiked her drink.

3. Amy loses it

Coronation Street Amy confronts boy in front of bus

When she spots a boy throwing her looks, Amy thinks he might have been the one who spiked her drink.

Furious, she throws her coffee over him – leaving Daniel more insistent than ever that she needs to know the truth.

4. Max in danger

Coronation Street Max bleeding on pavement

The pressure mounting on him, Max has a huge argument with David, who confiscates his phone.

Max decides to run away from home. He breaks into the barbers to retrieve his phone, but badly cuts his leg, collapsing on the street. Will someone find him?

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5. Tim’s down in the dumps

Coronation Street Sally and Tim discuss impotence

When Sally tries to discuss their bedroom problems, Tim avoids the subject.

Reluctantly, Tim agrees to make an appointment with Dr Gaddas. But will he go through with it?

6. Let’s spend the night together!

Coronation Street Sean and Eileen in George's garden

Eileen is annoyed that George says he can’t stay the night because of his needy cat.

Suspicious, she heads to his house to check out his story – does he even have a cat?

Coronation Street George with umbrella spots Eileen in the garden

Eileen’s embarrassed when George catches her sneaking around.

But after the pair have a chat, George agrees to stay at her place.

Coronation Street Eileen and Geroge in liviung room having spent the night

However, it’s clear that George is still worried about something.

Will their night go without a hitch?

7. Simon hits out!

Coronation Street Simon confronts Jacob in factory

Shocked to discover that Carla has given Jacob a job at the factory, Simon heads over there.

He calls him out in front of his colleagues, revealing Jacob was a drug dealer, leaving the lad mortified.

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8. Drama on the stag and hen nights

Coronation Street Abi arrives at Imran's stage night

Imran’s stag night has an unexpected guest – Abi.

She insists to him she won’t give up the fight for her little Alfie.

Meanwhile, having fallen out with Toyah over her plan to marry Imran, Leanne makes amends.

But it’s clear neither are fully convinced that Toyah is doing the right thing.

9. Aggie’s new boss in Coronation Street spoilers

Coronation Street Aggie meets her new boss, Mr Thorne

Aggie has been moved to a new ward at the hospital.

However, she’s a little nervous as her new boss Mr Throne is known to be a bit of a tyrant.

Coronation Street Aggie meets her new boss, Mr Thorne

She meets Mr Thorne and is surprised by the warm welcome she receives.

Is she in for an easier time than she thought?

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