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Coronation Street spoilers for next week: First look as Nick and Toyah cheat on Leanne

Nick and Toyah give in to temptation

Our Coronation Street spoilers for next week reveal that Nick cheats on Leanne with Toyah. This comes as Leanne gets ever deeper with Rowan and the Institute, earning herself a promotion.

Also, Kevin seeks revenge after Abi’s deepfake tormentor is revealed, and Cassie finds herself a new job in the Barlow household.

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for next week in full below.

Coronation Street spoilers

1. Rowan crashes a funeral

Coronation Street: George carries baby Rose's coffin to the hearse as Toyah follows behind and Leanne looks sombre

Leanne tells Toyah that she’s going to pay for Rose’s funeral out of her savings. As it gets underway, George places Rose’s coffin in the back of the hearse.

Spotting Rowan spying on the event from across the street, Toyah storms over and shoves him off, telling him he’s not welcome. Meanwhile, Leanne watches in horror.

Toyah in Corrie is furious to see Rowan at Rose's funeral as Leanne and Nick hold her back

Once the funeral is over, Leanne admits to Toyah that she doesn’t have any savings – and tells her that Rowan paid for the funeral.

Toyah in Corrie is furious to see Rowan at Rose's funeral as Leanne and Nick hold her back

Toyah confronts Rowan, and tells him that she’s going to do everything she can to expose him for the vile man he really is. Rowan is left shaken by the experience. But will he and the Institute retaliate?

2. Nick and Toyah sleep together

After her confrontation with Rowan, Toyah returns home to find Nick alone. Nick apologises for Leanne’s behaviour and Toyah breaks down.

However, they are both unaware that a man is watching them both from the derelict builder’s yard. After an afternoon of sex, Nick and Toyah agree that it was a mistake and should never happen again.

3. Rowan tries to blackmail Toyah

Leanne and Rowan host an Institute event at the bistro in Coronation Street

Toyah tells Nick that they’ve no choice but to come clean to Leanne about their brief affair. At the Bistro, Rowan is holding an Institute meeting. He corners Toyah and hands her a copy of an NDA, suggesting she signs it.

Toyah tells smug Rowan he can't blackmail her in Coronation Street

When Toyah makes it clear that she intends to come clean, Rowan tells her it’ll destroy Leanne – but he’ll be happy to pick up the pieces.

Toyah tells smug Rowan he can't blackmail her in Coronation Street

Afterwards, Rowan makes a speech, announcing that Leanne has been promoted to level 5. As the members clap and Leanne basks in the glory, Nick and Toyah watch on in disgust.

4. Exit for Felix

Todd, Billy and Paul are surprised to see Summer and Felix walk in in Corrie

Summer and Felix pop by the flat just in time to hear Paul playing a horrible message about Felix on his Eyegaze. As Billy and Todd desperately try to mute the offending message, Felix storms out.

Felix and Summer look furious in Coronation Street

The next day, having seen Felix off at the airport, Summer admits to Paul that she was upset to see him go. Then, the occupational therapist visits the flat and, after questioning Paul over his fall, suggests that it might be time to stop using the stairlift.

5. Abi and Kevin’s tormentor unmasked

Coronation Street: Abi and Kevin look cross and Bethany anxious

Bethany returns home from her interview and tells Sarah that she got the job – but she’s dreading her first assignment. Later, Bethany tells a horrified Abi that she got the job at the magazine but the first article they want her to write is in support of Corey Brent.

Abi and Kevin in Coronation Street look frustrated at the police station

After some digging, Abi learns that Stefan Brent is a board director of the production company that made the documentary – and also owns the magazine. Reasoning that he must have created the deep fake videos out of revenge, she reports Stefan to the police.

Coronation Street: Abi and Kevin look shocked to see Swain hauling Stefan to the police station.

Abi and Kevin watch as DS Swain drags Stefan into an interview room, hopeful that their deepfake nightmare might soon be over.

Later, Bethany tells Abi that she’ll quit her job if that’s what she wants – but it could be useful to have someone keeping tabs on Stefan. Afterwards, Kevin tells her that if she really wants to help, she can lend him her security pass to Stefan’s offices. Bethany reluctantly hands it over.

6. Kevin fakes his deepfake

Abi and Craig talk to Tyrone in Corrie in Roy's Rolls

When Abi asks Kevin about him getting up in the night, he claims it was down to stress. Later, he visits Max with a stolen mobile phone and asks Max to hack into it. Tyrone opens an email to see a video of Kevin breaking into Stefan’s office. Kevin assures him that it’s another deep fake video.

Abi and Craig talk to Tyrone in Corrie in Roy's Rolls

Meanwhile, seeing Max with the phone, Bethany realises that Kevin must have stolen it. Abi is shocked when she overhears Tyrone telling Craig that Kevin has been the victim of a deep fake video. Returning home, Kevin finds Abi and Craig waiting. Will he report Stefan over the fake deepfake?


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7. Cassie and Ken hit it off

Coronation Street: Steve looks unimpressed as Amy and Daniel discuss their options in the Rovers with Cassie

As Steve, Amy and Daniel discuss care package options for Ken, Cassie listens in with interest. Dropping by their table, Cassie offers to be Ken’s carer for a quarter the price of a professional. Daniel and Amy reason that it’s a good idea and Steve reluctantly agrees.

Ken looks unimpressed with Cassie in Corrie

The next day, Steve tells Ken that Cassie’s a qualified carer and that they hired her through an agency. Starting work, Cassie puts her foot in it when she reveals that she’s had no training and only stepped in to help out and save the family a bit of cash.

Cassie sets fuming Ken straight, explaining that she never pretended to have any qualifications in the first place.

Steve and Cassie in Corrie argue

When Cassie arrives for work, Steve takes great relish in telling her that her first task is to cut Ken’s toenails.

Steve and Cassie in Corrie argue

However, enjoying Cassie’s company, Ken suggests that they go out for a spot of lunch. Meanwhile, Amy is amused at how much Cassie gets under her dad’s skin. She suggests to Steve that there’s a spark between him and Cassie and he’s in denial. As a flustered Steve makes his excuses, Amy hides her amusement.

8. The Winter-Browns are out of hot water

Chesney looks put out in Corrie

Chesney and Gemma tell Bernie that the boiler is beyond repair and they’re waiting for the landlord to fit a new one. However, the landlord insists he wants a second opinion on the boiler. As their financial woes continue, Chesney tells Gemma that he’ll look into a cheaper electric shower.

Chesney looks put out in Corrie

Meanwhile, Dee-Dee tells Gemma that their landlord could be fined for failing to carry out essential repairs. And, as Joseph is dropped off at home by his friend’s posh mum, Chesney is saddened to realise that Joseph has made out he runs a successful catering business.

9. Joel’s on the hunt

As Joel tells Dee-Dee that he’s sad to be keeping their engagement a secret from his parents, he sets his sights on a new victim.

Spotting young Sabrina in a state of distress outside the police station, he learns that her brother has been arrested. Joel hands her his business card and tells her to give him a call.

Coronation Street: Joel looks sympathetically at Sabrina

As Joel heads inside, has he found a new target?

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