Stephen looks serious with an insert of Gail looking shocked

Coronation Street Christmas spoilers: Gail’s detective work could end Stephen’s reign

She wants an explanation - but what will Stephen tell her?

Coronation Street spoilers for Christmas week tease that killer Stephen Reid could finally get his comeuppance – thanks to some detective work from sister Gail!

But what will Gail discover when she does some digging into her brother’s dodgy finances?

And will Stephen kill his sister to keep his secret?

Find out more in our Coronation Street spoilers below.

Stephen’s wooing Elaine now he knows she’s selling her house (Credit: ITV)

Killer Stephen

Stephen’s been playing a dangerous game since he murdered poor Leo Thompkins.

With his money troubles proving to be unsolvable, he’s been taking more and more risks to cover up his lies.

He even took a job as a delivery driver to raise some cash, but that went wrong when he crashed and ended up in hospital.

As Christmas dawns, Stephen’s busy wooing Elaine Jones, having discovered she’s selling her house. But Elaine’s son Tim is pretty convinced that Stephen doesn’t have genuine feelings for his mum.

And Tim’s not the only one questioning Stephen.

Gail confronts Stephen and Elaine on Corrie; Stephen looks taken aback
Gail’s suspicious about what Stephen’s up to (Credit: ITV)

Sister act in Coronation Street spoilers

When Gail answered Stephen’s phone when he was in hospital after his moped crash, she discovered an angry voice telling her he owed them a bike and a phone.

Gail quizzed her brother about his association with Six Fellas in Bolton but Stephen – again – managed to fib his way out of that one, too.

But in these Christmas Coronation Street spoilers, have his lies caught up with him?

Stephen crashed his moped (Credit: ITV)

Ghost of Christmas present

Stephen calls at Gail’s house on Christmas Day, with a hip flask that David assumes is a birthday present.

Gail’s not impressed with the gift, thinking it’s a bit stingy from such a wealthy man as she believes Stephen to be.

And later, her suspicions grow when she sees Elaine buying Stephen a bottle of whisky to go with the hip flask she bought him.

Gail begins to wonder if Stephen’s regifted David’s birthday present.

Surely not?!

But when Elaine hands over the whisky, Gail announces that she needs to speak to Stephen.

It turns out, she’s had a chat with Stephen’s ex-wife Gabrielle, and she thinks her brother has some explaining to do!

What’s Gail uncovered? And could her life be in danger?

Is Gail lining herself up to be Stephen’s next victim?

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