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Coronation Street spoilers: Hope takes terrifying revenge for Cilla’s death

Will Beth live to regret crossing paths with the tearaway tween?

Coronation Street spoilers for next week have revealed that troubled tween Hope is planning to take terrible revenge for the death of Cilla the chinchilla!

But will the serial killer’s daughter live up to her family legacy, in Coronation Street spoilers?

Hope looking upset in Coronation Street
Hope agreed to look after Kirk and Beth’s dog Peanut (Credit: ITV)

Cilla’s sad demise

When Hope was looking after Beth’s dog Peanut, she discovered her chinchilla Cilla dead on the carpet.

Hope is convinced that Peanut was responsible for Cilla’s tragic death and she does not intend to forget it.

So next week she tells her bestie Sam that she wants revenge for Cilla’s murder.


Hope’s been listening to a tape made by her dad John Stape – has she learned any lessons from the killer? (Credit: ITV)

Sorry, not sorry in Coronation Street spoilers

Meanwhile over in the factory Beth tells Fiz that she’s sorry about Cilla’s death.

But she adds that the chinchilla was really just a posh rat, and Fiz is fuming! In fact, the women almost come to blows over the jibe!

Hope gets hold of David’s stuffed weasel Vin-Diesel (Credit: ITV)

Revenge in action in Coronation Street spoilers

Acting on Hope’s instructions, Sam heads off to the barber’s where he manages to talk Maria into handing over Vin-Diesel, David’s stuffed weasel.

He hands it over to Hope, who tells him to leave her alone to put her plan into action.

She carefully puts her arm into Vin-Diesel’s mouth, leaving a bite mark, then she approaches Peanut and lets out a scream!

Will her plan work?

Ty catches Hope with the weasel – is the game up? (Credit: ITV)

Caught in the act?

Later, Tyrone catches Hope with the weasel – will he put two and two together?

And then Beth confronts Hope but she’s underestimated the manipulative little madam! Hope returns home in tears telling her worried parents that Beth slapped her round the face.

Furious, Fiz and Ty march over to see Beth, who denies everything.

Who’s telling the truth and will Hope’s revenge plan work?

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