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Coronation Street spoilers: Joel proposes to Dee-Dee

Joel pops the question

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Our Coronation Street spoilers reveal that Joel Deering asks Dee-Dee Bailey to marry him following a disastrous meeting between her and his parents. After his uptight and rude parents upset Dee-Dee, he pops the question.

Joel and Dee-Dee have grown closer in recent months – in spite of her learning that he has a secret wife and daughter, albeit estranged. Last week, viewers also found out Joel was responsible for what happened to missing Lauren Bolton. Although Dee-Dee has no idea at the moment.

With her parents paying Joel and his new girlfriend a visit, Dee-Dee is feeling nervous. And, when his rude mother makes a series of comments which leave Dee-Dee fuming, their future is looking more perilous than ever.

Will Dee-Dee accept Joel’s proposal?

Read our Coronation Street spoilers for this storyline in full below.

Dee-Dee looks incredulously at Joel in Corrie
When Dee-Dee meets Joel’s parents it doesn’t exactly go to plan (Credit: ITV)

Coronation Street spoilers: Meet the parents

Dee-Dee tells Joel that she’s nervous about meeting his parents. He reassures her that, while they can be a bit stand-offish, they’ll love her once they do get to know her.

However, it’s an uphill battle when Dee-Dee meets his mum and dad, Anthea and Gus. They quickly make their disapproval of Joel’s new girlfriend clear.

When Ed pops by the Bistro, Dee-Dee introduces him to Joel’s folks. Making her distain clear, Anthea makes a patronising remark – the last straw for Dee-Dee, who storms out.

Coronation Street: Dee-Dee looks uncomfortable as Joel gets down on one knee
Dee-Dee is stunned when Joel asks her to marry him (Credit: ITV)

Joel pops the question

In the aftermath, Joel comes by the flat to see Dee-Dee. He quickly apologises for his his mother’s behaviour.

Coronation Street: Dee-Dee looks uncomfortable as Joel gets down on one knee
Will Dee-Dee make Anthea and Gus her in-laws? (Credit: ITV)

However, he has another surprise in store for Dee-Dee. Dropping down onto one knee, he asks Dee-Dee to marry him.

What will Dee-Dee say? Is she really ready to marry him when they’ve only just got back together? And just why has Joel proposed now?

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